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im only 1dpo an im already obsessing....something i said i wouldnt do lol!

hows everyone else gettin on?

love an luck xxxx


  • Good luck honey! It's easy to say were not going to stress and symptom spot but when your actually on the tww it's hard to think of anything else!

    Hope this is your month honey!

    I'm on cd2 so still trying to find my pma so might have some wine tonight and chill out
  • hope u enjoyed your wine and chillax hun =).....really trying to ignore any little twinge or anything....and am sooooooo not testing early x
  • Hubby took me out to dinner for valentines had a lovely night had some wine and I'm now a little tippsy lol! I know it's hard honey but try not to think about it try to do things to take your mind of it! Step away from the tests early testings not alloud lol
  • hope it happens for you this month try not stress to much i know its hard lol. i will be on my 2ww from tommorrow so maybe we can keep each other saine and away from early testing lol
  • awwww glad you had a nice night wanabamama =)

    yeah we will keep each other going nowamrsm xxx
  • how you getting on mum2hols?? im bitting my nails and trying my hardest not to try and sympton spot this month arghhhh lol.
  • same here nowamrsm.....last month i had sore boobs etc but nothing this month apart from an achey lower abdomen =/ see i couldnt resist oops x
  • lol i know the feeling i cant resist either lol cramp the last couple of days apart from that nothing. x
  • had alot of white milky discharge today (sorry tmi) been googling this morn very naughty i know....on the plus side i have no tests in the house =)

    what are we like hehe keeping it all crossed for you xxx
  • lol i have one left but im determined not to do it. oh where im i gonna find the will power from lol. think this next week is gonna drag in for me arghhhhh lol
  • resist the stick!!!!! lol its easier said than done 7dpo today and have a stitch in my left hand side.....trying to ignore it tho.....roll on next week hope it doesnt drag for you to much x
  • how you doing mum2hols??? not long for you now?? any signs?? i hope you are staying away from those sticks lol. ive got sore boobs n lots of cm but trying to convince myself its hormones rather than anything else lol. one week to go and waiting lol. x
  • I have had achey lower abdomen and lots of cm and more tired than usual.....i had to poa ov stick last night to cure my addiction! My O/H said iv been quite moody an emotional =/ i dunno what to think really my body has tricked me many times before lol

    do you use a cbfm? was my first month this month

    last month i had ridiculously sore boobs but not this month!

    oooooh i hope your symtoms turn into a great big sticky bfp =) xxx
  • i dont use a cbfm but i just bought myself one from ebay. so just waiting on it coming. although im hoping i dont need it and can put it straight back on ebay lol. talking about moods i went on a rant at 7am this morning lol told my husband hes got to much clothes and if he didnt sort them i was putting them in the bin lol. then ent into my daughter room n told her not to make any plans for weekend as her room was getting gutted to. lol my neighbours must love me lol. my body as tricked me in the past 2 so much so that i was devasted when my af came. arghh what we put ourselfs through lol
  • im so glad iv got this sight = noone understands like you ladies =)......keeping my fingers crossed for you nowamrsm hope its our month x
  • hi hows things for you not long now. this wait is draging in arghhhh lol.
  • BFN...just waiting for af to arrive alot of pain again this you doing?
  • i thought you werent due till 23rd??? im still hanging in there. tired n crampy n crabbit lol. and craving choccy so think af is on her way though im still living in hope xx
  • not due till 23rd but i caved and tested early =( gotta make a docs app as i think somethings wrong as i keep having severe pains in my ovaries.....

    noooooo hope silly af doesnt come for ya hun x
  • hiya mum2hols how you doing?? did the witch get u?? think shes gonna get me today or tommorrow as got really bad cramp image and im soo tired.
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