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Hello, I originally posted in the Mc forum, it's very quiet in there ( suppose that's a good thing really). I will paste my original message and where I am at.

I'm sorry that everyone else in here has been through the same, it's not something you ever imagine will happen to you.

Hello, this is the first time i thought to find a forum regarding mc.

I found out a week before christmas, following ever so slight spotting and a general sense of unease, and, a trip to the EPU for a scan that at 9-10 weeks we had had a missed miscarriage, where our baby stopped developing at around 5 weeks.

Like most, the range of emotions gone through has been crazy.

We opted for 'natural' treatment and went home ( hoping a mistake had been made)to let nature take it's course. after 5 days of waiting for this awful thing to happen, I started to bleed heavily, and, later in the evening, in quite a traumatic and upsetting way passed the pregnancy sac, and, bled for another 6 days, over christmas. Stopped, had another scan coinfirming the pregnancy sac had gone, butm, there were so many mms of retained products. The hospital gave me the different outcomes, and, told me what to look for infection wise, and, we went home. I stopped bleeding for 3 days, then started again for another 7 days, stopped and on the 11th day started bleeding again for 12 days, and, it's been 12 days since I stopped bleeding. The hospital felt the last lot of bleeding was mc related and not a new period.

Since then I have had the most awful pelvic pain, and lower back pain, although i suffer lbp anyway. I've been running a temperature, and, been to my gp twice. First time telling me he thought it was constipation making me feel so lousy, and giving me laxatives. Which made no difference. Secondly, agreeing to refer me for a scan, so I am waiting for an appointment.

As well as the pain, which is getting worse and no better, and feeling generally quite rubbish, GP has confirmed twice I am running a temperature. But in the absence of a smelly discharge he thinks an infection is unlikily!?

Anyone else had any similar experiences? is this pain a 'normal' part of this awful physical process?

I am worried that there is something going even more wrong. Given the really recent history of everything and that I was told that there were retained products?

Any points of view would be massively welcomed.

Posted : Feb 17, 2011 12:06:28 PM

Subject: Re: Support, understanding & to talk.


I had a smear & swobs yesterday, to double check for infection- Although the nurse said it all looked in order down below, and, there was nothing immediately obvious!?

Scan tomorrow- so lets see whats happening.

The pelvic pain is verging on unbearable, as, I am aware of in pretty much constantely. I am using hotwater bottles like they are going out of fashion! and, painkillers + paracetamol too.

How is everyone else?

Have any of you done anything to 'remember' your lost one?

Posted : Feb 18, 2011 09:19:42 PM

Subject: Re: Support, understanding & to talk.

Had scan today. Apparently the GP shoudl have the results in 7 days. I feel more disturbed now, than before it, since they would give no indications or anything at all. He also asked if I had other children, so, no I feel a bit like, why did he ask that? perhaps thinking hte worst!

Also, as soon as I came out and went for a wee there was blood!? he did push on my stomach area what felt quite firmly! although I don't know if it hurt because of all the pain I am having anyway!?

Feeling very worried and concerned now.

Today I continue to bleed ( after a 21 day break) and, I'm very heavy and passing lots of fairly big clotts, and, am in what I would describe as quite immense pain.

Did anyone else have any similar experiences? is this normal, and, I'm not even sure if this is still Mc related, or, whether it's my first proper period since!? although it is not my normal.




  • Hi hun,

    So sorry your having to go through this. The strong cramps and heavy bleeding with large clots actually sounds like a miscarriage itself. That's how mine felt, very very painful! Having said that, my first period after my mc was also very heavy with some smaller clots.

    I'm not quite sure why they couldn't tell you at the scan what the outcome seemed to be? When i went for a scan after my natural mc, the sonographer told us that everything had passed and that my womb lining had reduced back down to normal. She also wrote a report for my gp which i took myself to him.

    It does sound to me like your body is still trying to expel the pregnancy and is perhaps having some trouble doing so?

    On the plus side, i think if there were any signs of infection the sonographer would have had to act quicker than 7 days?

    Perhaps ring your gp in a couple of days and ask them if they've heard see if you can get some answers a little sooner?

  • Thank you for replying. It's just awful than anyone goes through this.

    we decided to let things occure naturally, and, after the initial 6 day heavy bleed we had another scan at the hospital. They confirmed that there was no pregnancy sack visible, but, there were retained pregnancy products.

    It's since then i have bled on and off!

    It's just this time, following the scan that my GP eventually agreed to send me onMore so than the original heavy bleed, and, more clots too.

    I'm really starting to feel incredibly low about everything, and, feel a little bit like I cannot cope. I have alot of lower back and joint pain anyway, and, it's all grinding me down.

    My Partner proposed to me yesterday on my birthday, I was over the moon and delighted. But, not even a whole day later, ( he first wife passed away) I feel even worse than I did in that it's raised even more unanswered questions about that!!! me being second best etc sorry for going off the point. but, I just feel rubbish!!!! And, I was diagnosed with depression, and, because my councellor is being made redundant, I get only 7 sessions of which end this wednesday and I still feel like I need help!!!!

  • Sorry, congratulations, hope you are managing to enjoy your pregnancy xxx
  • Update.

    The bleeding has slowed yesterday and seems tio have stopped today, and, the pelvic pain seems to be subsiding. The bleeding and pain was worse this time, than with my original loss in December. I think that the pressure of the scan on Friday must have helped my body to expel what ever it was having problems doing!?

    I spoke to Go reception yesterday, apparently GP had seen scan results, and, said no further action required!? which is good on the face of it.

    So got appointment to find out exactly what it said.

  • Well, it was good news from the GP, in that there was nothing that looked wrong, he recommends waiting at least a few cycles to see how we do, so, that's that. Since I stopped bleeding the pelvic pain as eased.
  • Hiya Emma, sorry i've never replied to you sooner, i've been wrapped up in my own little bubble. Firstly i'm so sorry you find yourself here, it sounds like you've had a hell of a time of it. It's good that your pain and bleeding is easing off and quite often (well for me anyway) thats when many women can start to come to terms with things. Is there any way you can see another counsellor if yours is being made redundant? They can't just stop treatment because your counsellor has lost their job surely? If you feel you still need help then there should be some available for you.

    I hope you feel better soon, and congratulations on your engagement! Please don't feel like you're second best, if your partner didn't want to be with you he wouldn't have asked you to marry him, but I know how confusing your emotions can be when you've just mc'd and this maybe what is giving you doubts. Have you spoken to him about how you feel?

    Hopefully your cycles will return to normal and now you have a wedding to plan that may take your mind off things. Everyone on here has been a lifesaver for me and there's always someone to listen so if you feel you aren't getting the help you need then this forum is an amazing shoulder to cry on xxx
  • Thank you for replying to my post, no wonder, you have got alot on your plate too honey. So I am really grateful you found the time to give me some wise words and comfort.

    I hit rock bottom, and, am starting to feel remotely better.

    I was in such a state at councelling, that she has managed to squeeze 2 more session in. This has taken the weight off.

    So, has thinking forward to a wedding. It's taken the whole, do I don;t I try again away, well until the end of the year at least (fingers crossed).

    My partner/ fiancee is very good, he is very sensible, and, so is my councellor, just glad i had 'my wobble' now. Like you say it's understandable why.

    It's just strange how one minute you almost feel normal, like it was a bad dream, then you feel like your world has been ripped apart image( boo hoo.

    Thinking of you xxx
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