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  • awww Vivx thanks for your message the chocolate definitely made me feel better.

    Hope you had a great birthday x
  • wonkey donkey, any news? x
  • Morning VixV, hope you had a lovely birthday! Was hoping to come on here this morning and read you'd tested on Sun and got your BFP!! Well the witch got me Sat morning putting me back to 29 day cycles. But all for best, we decided at weekend to maybe postpone TTC until April, for a number of reasons that I know make good sense but i can't help wondering if we'll regret that decision if it takes it longer than we hoped. So i might have to go back to loitering in "Planning" for a few months image But will be checking all the posts to hear your news! Wishing you all the best and bucket loads of babydust xo
  • Hey

    OH No I am sorry to hear that she got you.

    I DID!!!! I posted about it yesterday, i wasnt sure because the line was so faint, but have done another this morning and since bought a clearblue and another cheapy and all have faint lines!!!!!!

    So looks like everyother night for around ov worked!!!!

    Will be sorry to not see you around but I will pop in and say hi either in planning or ttc.

    good luck!!! xx
  • Thanks VixV and huge congrats!!! Seen your good news in another thread this morning just after i posted earlier, I'm soooooo pleased for you, how exciting!!! whoopwhoop, doing little celebration dance for ya and wishing you every possible blessing for your pregnancy xo hopefully cya about forums somewhere. Congrats again, that is fab news and a great Birthday pressie xo
  • Congratulations VixV. What a fab birthday present!

    Sorry to hear AF got you as well WD. If you do postpose TTC until April. it's not actually that long a wait, as it's March tomorrow, so hopefully see you back here in a month or so.

    Right - action plan for the month is to BD every other day at least! x
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