Looking for advice - suspected implantation bleeding but negative test...

Hi everyone

Hoping someone can give me some advice as I am sooooooo confused at the moment!

I have been off the pill for just under a year and my husband and I have started TTC for the past few months. In October, I had a BFP but started bleeding a days later, followed by a BFN when I tested again. Went to the doctor who confirmed a chemical pregnancy, said to wait a month then keep trying.

This month I was due on my period on 5th March, but noticed a spot or two of blood on Thursday 3rd, so assumed it was my period come early. The thing is, it has been ridiculousy light and two days later its all over. At the risk of giving TMI it was mainly brown with a couple of pinky red blobs. I didn't even need to use anything, just had a panty liner for a while and nothing showed on that, only really saw anything when I wiped.

For the past week or so I have had sore boobs, needed to wee loads and also have a strange feeling just below my stomach (assuming this is around my uterus?).

I took a test (clearblue digi) this morning and it was a BFN :? If my dates are right, it would be about 15 DPO

The thing is, the sore boobs have stopped but I still have the other symptoms. Do you think I have just commited the caridinal sin of testing too early, or is there a chance I could be pregnant?

Any advice would be really appreciated as I am so confused :cry:

Thanks for reading, baby dust to you all xxx


  • I know that clear blue digis are less sensitive than some other brands. The fact you had barely-there bleeding could indicate pregnancy, and as hcg doesn't start being produced until after implantation perhaps it was to early for you. Can you lay your hands on a first response or superdrug test? They're both more sensitive than the cbd so if it was too early and the blood was implantation they'd show up. Good luck!
  • Hmm... I didn't know they weren't as sensitive. I think I should probably forget about it and test again in a few days, although thats easier said than done!

    In my head I keep thinking am I just trying to convince myself, but then all the physical signs seem too much of a coincidence!

    Thanks for the reply xx
  • I would defo test again hun. I know with my 1st i got a neg and when i tested 5 days later it was a bfp. This time around i left it til i was almost 6wks to test thinking i ovulated later and turns out i must have ovulated early so got a nice strong bfp. I would leave it a couple of days and try again with a first response maybe - you may have ovulated later than you thought hence it not showing up yet. Good luck!
  • Have decided to wait until the weekend before I test again - can't stop thinking about it though!

    Don't know if its my mind playing tricks on me now but I swear I had a metallic taste in my mouth all day too! Will let you know what happens xxx
  • I took a hpt last Monday - the result was positive! One line was lighter than the other though but it was definately there. I asked my chemist for a second oppinion and he agreed.

    I handed in a urine sample to my doctors the next day hoping they would confirm I was pregnant - their test came back negative! I left feeling extremely disapointed and have been in a foul mood ever since.

    My doctor sugested testing again and I am due to get the results on Thursday. I also started getting a slight red/brown discharge and a little blood 2 days ago. This is nothing like a period at all and I am hoping this is an inplantation bleed.

    Waiting is driving me crazy!! I so hope I am pregnant. Has this happened to anybody else. Could my HPT have been more sensitive than the ones the doctors use??? xxx
  • OK now I'm even more confused.... just did a First Response Early pregnancy test and again it came back negative!

    I have such a strong feeling down below that something is happening (not in pain, but I can "feel" somethere is there and I am very aware of it thoughout the day)- I would have bet my life savings that I was pregnant!

    Should I wait until the weekend and do another test or just go and see the doctor? Still no sign of a proper period.... :?
  • i wish u good luck

  • I had my period 2 week ago, i've been spotting for about 5 day. i look on the internet and it said it could be implantation bleeding. i took a clear blue test and it was negative... so what should i do?

  • I was supposed to get af on 5/25 but light brown discharge on 5/20 instead but then light almost transparent pink for 16 days after then stopped. Never even  use a pad at all the whole time and no pain for cramping oh and no clots. Still getting negetive tests!! Could this in IB??? never been on birth control and never been more the one day late image

  • I am so confused....my period is due tomorrow and I normally have a 31 day cycle, never late and always really heavy but on Saturday morning I started to lose pinkish watery blood which then turned Red but only when I wiped. no period symptoms like I normally get and I couldn't feel it like I normally could. This finished by Sunday morning and now has stopped completely. I am normally heavy for 3 days. Boobs are tender and I am tired all the time but done an early predictor test this morning and nothing image not even a faint line! I was pregnant in march but miscarried and been trying ever since. Any advice?!!! It's driving me mad ????

  • hey guys, im chelsea.

    I was due on my period sunday the 11th.. i had a tiny bit of bleeding and that was it! My periods are always on time. Me and my partner have been trying for a baby for the last 3 months. I done a pregnancy test yesterday which come out negative, am i doing the test to early to find out im pregnant? And could there be a possibility that i am pregnant?

    thanks x

  • Me and my boyfriend are trying to conceive I had my implant taken out on the 13th of July, before I had my implant in I had a regular cycle and always came on between the 31st of each month or just a bit into the first week of hex following montburst on the 9th of August I experienced a dark reddy/brown discharge in my knickers then when I wiped it looked like a very watery light pink That last 1 day I'm confused was that implantation bleeding I don't want to get my hopes up as I tested on the 14th with a hpt and it came back negative. I just want to know if I'm pregnant ???

  • *first week next the following month but...


  • Any updates on earlier posts?

  • Help, I had unprotected sex with my partner on the 9th 14th and 18th day into my cycle and my period was ment to start on the 21st but It came on the 20th. it started of slightly red but watery for two days which i only used 2pads in them two days. on the 3rd day it turned dark red-brown and was pink when i went to the toilet and wiped. My peroid is NEVER like this. Its normally heavy, bright red with cramps and a little clots (sorry tmi) lol.. i took a pregnecy test 3 days after and it was nigitive. am i testing to early or am i not pregnent. please any advise?????  

  • ANY ADVISE PLEASE. Me and my hubby are ttc and we had unprotected sex about 4-5 times since I ended my period on 10/04 on 10/20 I started spotting which turned to bright red blood was very light though. It lasted for a day and then I only noticed it when I used the restroom on 10/21 on 10/22-10/23 it was only light spotting I tested on the 21st and got a faint plus on two test on 10-22 I went and got a digital test and it said not pregnant and then today the 23rd I went to the doctor and they gave me a urine test and said it is negative I am beyond confused I have felt cramping and weird twinges in the area of my ovaries along with low back pain and extremely tired has anyone had this happen and turn out to be pregnant?

  • Im confused as well! it seems for everything I read there's abother thing I read which counters that!

    if anyone coukd let me know whethere theyre in the same boat....

    I have just started trying to get pregnant. I was on the pill for 13 years and stopped about six months ago. Since then my cycle has been pretty regular, between 36 and 39 days. My period usually lasts 6 days and is quite heavy on days 2 and 3. I had been using condoms around O time until last month and pretty sure it was the right time due to the consistency of my vaginal mucus (sorry if tmi!)

    My period would have been due next Saturday (36 days from the last one) but last Wednesday I started spotting and its still going (8 days now). I haven't needed a tampon, the blood is drops of red (like my normal period) but only after I go to the toilet when I wipe.. No other symptoms but very odd as I've never had this light a period and never had one 26 days apart.

    Has anyone had this experience and if so what was the outcome?

    Any comments would be much appreciated.

    Thanks image
  • So I Havent Had Peiod Since December 2013. In January Right After Missed Period I Tested. I was having symtoms like sore breast, cravings (still), mood swings ( still), fever , headaches (still), nausea (still). Yesterday, 12 of Feb 2014, I woke up with cramping and when i wiped there was a very small amount of blood. Not super red but not slightly pink either. by the night time there was nothing but light pinkish when i wiped. No cramping no nothing. Today still light pinkish spotting but now theres brown with it. Theres Little to nothing coming out. I took pregnancy test this morning as well. CLEARBLUE DIGI, & it was negative. Anybody experience this & know what could be going on? Implantation or Period.? I really wanna be pregnant. 

  • Can anybody please help me??!!

    Me and my partner have been having regular sex (everyday - every other day) for the past couple of months.  I was to ovulate on the 10th Feb 2014.  On the 20th Feb I had some slight spotting in the morning then nothing for the rest of the day or the day after?! On the 22nd I had a gush of bright red blood which then turned pink and stopped again.  I have done 2 home pregnancy tests which were both negative, my period isnt due until 24th/25th Feb so have I tested too early?? My cycles range between 31-33 days so it is hard for me to pinpoint when im actually due to come on.  I have been getting lots of symptoms like nausea, dizzyness, metallic taste, backache and cramps!!

    Is there anyone out there that has experienced the same as me and has actually become pregnant? So many people write on these forums but then never say whether they ended up being pregnant or not!!

    Please Help x

  • hi, this month for me is so weird, i have no boob tenderness at all which is usually felt 2 weeks before my period, only mild cramps from time to time until now.. my period supposed to on june 6, and im 5days delayed. last june 4 there was a brownish discharge only when i wiped which i thought my period came early and it last for 2 days only then stop (and i thought it was Implantation bleeding). my pelvic also in pain, i had headache colds and cough after 2 days of having brownish discharge, and i had a feeling that im pregnant. so i try to take a PT today (5 days delayed), but negative.. im so worried, my husband and i TTC since last year.. what should i do? do i need to wait til next week to get BFP? thanks for the advice..
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