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Agnus Castus

I'm just wondering whether any of you have taken or are taking this? Did it help to regulate your cycles?

Do you know of anything else that moght help do the same thing?


  • i tried it whilst trying for my first and for me it didnt make a difference but for a few ladies at the time it did, i found evening primrose oil caps taken from AF to OV worked best for me,
  • Hi Baby_bear4,

    Have you tried taking Vitamin B and evening primrose oil too? Both are meant to be essential in maintaing womens health and cycles. Ive not ever heard or tried Ahnus Castus im afraid.

    All the best xx
  • I've taken b6 and evening primrose and my cycle has been much better these last 4 weeks (first cycle using them both). The evening primrose has given me tonnes of egg white cervical mucus and the b6 has already lengthened my LP from 8 days last month to my current dpo, with still no AF at sight.

    I was taking 50mg of b6 (the max you can take without it causing problems is 100mg a day) and was taking 1500mg of evening primrose a day (one capsule 3 times a day at mealtimes) x
  • Hi baby_bear4,

    Sorry G/C from planning... I came off the pill in August 2010 and my cycles were getting longer and longer the longest being the cycle before last which was about 46 days. I have been taking Agnus Castus for about 5 weeks now and it may just be coincidence or pure luck but the cycle just gone has gone back to 32 days. image

    We're not planning on TTC until June but think a 32 day cycle would be much easier to track then a 46 day cycle. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it will stay like this.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. imageimage
  • Hi girls, thanks for your replies. I took Agnus Castus for about 10 days (while I remembered) and it could be coincidence but AF arrived on Friday. I am so pleased, never thought I would be this pleased due to AF starting. It must have just taken all this time for the pill to get out of my system. xx
  • I'm glad your cycle has gone back to normal. Just wanted to say that i started taking it in december after some pretty irregular cycles, ranging from 17 to 52! Anyway, the first month i had a 32 day cycle, then a 28 and i caught on the next cycle. Sadly it wasn't meant to be, and i have started taking it again now.

    If you're going to carry on with it, remember to only take it up to ov, as it can cause contractions, which could stop implantation.

    Good luck xxx.
  • Hi Looby,

    I asked the lady in Holland and Barrett if I could take it all month and she said yes. I'm hoping that my cycles will return to normal now. I'm not very good at remembering to take tablets, weird as I've been taking my pill religiously for just over 10 years.

    Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Fingers crossed for us both this month.

  • Hi,

    since coming off the pill in September my cycles have been 38-43 days. I think I might try this to reduce my cycles. But just so I know when do u take it! Some are saying between Af and ov..but if it reduces your cycle how do u know when ov is? I dont have a CBFM, as we arent TTC until June and want to give it a while first, but would love to shorten my cycles before then! Any advice which would be best for me to try to would be very appreciated!!!

    Thank you!!!!


  • I started taking agnus castus after an awol af and it really did help to regulate me again. I took it for the next 8 months and my cycles did get shorter and shorter and then I started developing sickness every morning during the first half of my cycle that I took it so I decided to stop taking it. However, my cycles started getting really long again so after a few months of longer cycles (35 not too awful) I decided to go back on agnus castus but to be honest it was not so great the 2nd time around and I have developed a number of horrible 2ww/pre-menstrual symptoms that I never had before (incidentally, agnus castus is supposed to ease these sorts of symptoms). These symptoms include constant cramping for the entire 2ww and extreme lower back ache from 7dpo to the end of af. This month I decided to stop taking it because cramping and back ache for 2 weeks of every month is just downright horrible.
  • I have used it on and off in the past, mainly this time to see if it helps with boosting progesterone levels (I've had 3 MCs, I haven't had the issue investigated yet, but am trying Agnus Castus to see if it helps). It's generally good for female menstrual health either way. Incidentally I apparently have a fibroid and AC is supposed to be a natural treatment for this, according to some sites I was reading).

    I only use the liquid form, by Bioforce / A.Vogel, as I trust this brand 100%. I wouldn't be so keen to try the tablet form by another brand, as I wouldn't be sure if anti-caking agents etc. have been added, which could cause issues unrelated to AC.
  • I have been to holland and barrat and bought agnus castus and evening primrose oil capsules..they are on buy one get one for a penny at the moment!!! I am due on AF in the next 3 days so do I just take them from now until I think im ov (was going to used EWCM as no clue when i ovulate!)? also do I take more than one a day!? Its all so confuing!!! xx
  • Hi,

    broodychops, are they the 400mg ones? i take 2 with food twice a day. And you only take them up until ov. EWCM is a good sign of ov, so watch out for that, and some ov cramps.

    Good luck!

  • hi xxloobyxx,

    thanks for the reply!! Yeah they are 400mg ones!! do u take evening primrose oil too??? have u found it works for u

  • I don't take EPO, but it is in the pregnacare vits i'm taking (the conception ones i think), so can't really comment on it. i know a few ladies do take it and say its helped them.

    Good luck and i hope it leads to some bfp's for everyone.

  • Hi,

    I've been taking Agnus Castus 400mg from H&B - two capsules twice a day, plus Vit B6 - 100mg once a day and Pregnacare.

    I take it from the first day of AF until I OV.

    B xx
  • ok fab thanks ladies!! Should be CD1 tomorrow or the day after so will take EPA and AC from Af to OV!!!! Ekk hope it works!!

  • well from the horrid minor cramps im getting im guessing Af will be here to great me in the morning!!! So ill be starting agnus castus tomorrow morning so ill let u know how i got on

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