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No period HELP


Just after Christmas i had my miscarriage confirmed and on the 6 Jan i went into hospital to have a medical managed miscarriage. This week it will make the treatment 10 weeks ago and and really worried why my body is not got back to normal i have had no period! I have been to my doctors and at first she was nice and told me to do a test if that was negative to come back and she would send me for an internal scan which i did and the test was negative, on my next visit she told me that i should do another test (which i have not yet done as i want it to be positive and am scared that its not), she explained that she would not examine me or send me for an internal and if i did not have a period in 6 months then she would send me for tests. Now its not a case of i had a miscarriage i am dealing/dealt with that its a case that i am worried why my body is not working normal!

Has anyone else had this or have any advise

Thank you



  • Hi, I don't have any advice but just wanted to say I'm in a similar position to you-I miscarried 8 weeks ago and still have no sign of AF.

    When I saw Dr last week she didn't seem worried but the last couple of days I have started to worry as everything I read says 4-6 weeks.

    Really hope AF shows up for us both soon, 6 months seems a long time before Dr will investigate.

  • hi to both of you

    im in a similar position too!! mc in jan , had period on 18th feb and nothing after that. am on day 37 and nothing other than spotting a few weeks back!

    im seeing dr on monday about it as feel unwell pg symptoms but bfn at every test

    good louck hope all goes ok with you both

  • Hi amcdonalduk

    I lost my son at 34 weeks back in 2009, and after it took about 4 months for my periods to get back to normal. It just takes a long time for things to recover after such a trauma. I am sure your doc would say if she thought it was abnormal and waiting 6 months is quite a normal thing for the doc to say, I was told the same, and they don't like to do internal tests in case you are pregnant, the tests shouldn't cause you to miscarry, but some docs worry about being blamed if it does happen. If you are in the early stages of being pregnant again it may just take a while for it to show on a test, get it done at the doctors too as shop bought tests are not very accurate. I am sure everything will be ok, you just have to give your body time to recover and get back to normal.

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry to hear about your mc. I had an mmc in November 2009, and underwent a D&C. I didn't get AF until March the next year, although i had quite a stressful couple of months, losing DH Grandad and my SIL around the same time.

    When I saw the dr they said it wasn't unusal and was probably related to stress/ emotional upset rather than anything physical and recommended a holiday and to relax - I know it's easier said than done - but DH and I had a week away and AF arrived a couple of weeks later and I fell pregnant a couple of cycles later and am now a proud mummy of an 8 week girl.

    I know it's quite annoying to hear people say, just relax and don't worry about it, but it really did work for me!

    best wishes,

    Elf x
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