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tilted womb

hey all

i am sure i had read something about TTC being harder if you have a tilted womb? anyone any experience of this?

I had no bother TTC DD however got ultrasound for another matter recently and they told me i had tilted womb.

Any answers would be great. xx


  • I have one and its made no difference, I've caught on really fast with my pregnancies. Good luck! xx
  • i have one and got pregnant within 3mths with all 5 babies.

    doesnt affect conception or pregnancy. image
  • im struggling to ttc and i have one but they did say it shouldnt make a difference! xxx
  • If you can afford have reflexology, suppose to have fab results with helping ladies get pregnant. I had it and caught on after 2 months. Read up about it on net its really suppose to help. xx
  • hey, didnt wanna r&r, but saw something similar on tv the other night. dont think it makes anything more complicated, but i think sometimes you feel the baby moving less, but again, i think its perfectly normal. image
  • I have one & had no trouble conceiving, the only trouble i had was at an early scan when they missed the baby so assumed i was having an ectopic and nearly gave me a chemo drug to kill the embryo (luckily they checked again & found it!)
  • Oooh, Lampchop, scary stuff! Can I ask did you measure small in early pregnancy? Im a week and a bit behind, going back on Monday, slightly worried but read that with tilted uterus foetus can measure smaller. xx
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