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Opinions please!!!

Hi all

really need opinions - mc in jan. Had a period in feb and now on day 34 since last period . Used cb ov kit to detect lh surge and covered those days with bd... Had spotting a week ago and all pg tests bfn so far, last tested yesterday. Period nearly week late

what do yuh think it could be ? Has anyone tested negative week after period due and still been pg in the end??

Would appreciate opinions :-/

thanks xxx


  • Hi pet, firstly im so sorry for you loss.

    What days did you ovulate? AF should show up 14 days after peak. If you are within or possibly just at the point where AF should show up then depending on what test you use its maybe to early to show. Your cycles can sometimes take a while to regulate after MC, it may just be your body trying to settle down and thats why AF is late. Sadly the only thing to do is wait it out. Give it another few days and retest.

    I hope your wait isnt too long for that BFP. Love Tracy xx
  • Hia

    I lost my little boy at 34 weeks back in 2009 and it took about 4 months for my periods to get regular again. I am now 26 weeks with baby no 3 (have 5 year old daughter too)and with all tests I took with all 3 pregnancy's nothing showed up until I was about 6 weeks gone (so about 2 weeks after period due). I had spotting too this time round about 1-2 weeks after I conceived and that is just what they call implantation bleeding where the egg is going into the lining of your womb, so I was unsure if I was getting my period, but it never turned into the full thing and redid a test few weeks later and found out I was. I would go to the doc to get a test done as they are much more accurate and pick up much lower levels of hormones so can detect pregnancy earlier than shop bought ones. It can take up to 6 months for you body to get back to normal after a MC so just be patient and don't stress too much.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Charlie bx and welcome to the forum

    first of all I'm sorry for your

    loss.. Thanks ur post has been v helpful!!

    I went

    to gp today who said the same that eripds may take a while to get back to normal etc

    she said my headaches were probably due to tension though and trusted my pg tests which have said negative so far. I haven't tested again since about four days but I'm tempted to do a test Friday when I will be two weeks late! Being realistic though and not getting my hopes up.

    Even though I have mo idea of cycles I have been using ov kit and gave detected lh surge which was exactly 4 weeks after I detected the last surge. So at least I'm ovulating!

    Thanks again and good luck with your pregnancy xxx
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