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BFP??...need help uploading a piccy

Morning Ladies,

I think I have finally got my BFP but im not sure so want more opinions before i call OH from work.

Can some one please tell me how to put pictures on here though :? so confused


  • Hi. Sorry I can't help with how to upload a photo, but I just wanted to say I hope it is a BFP and congratulations if it is! What about getting a Clear Blue digital - that way there can be no mistaking it?. x
  • You need to upload the picture to a hosting site like photobucket or flickr, then copy and paste the url (it should end in .jpg) in between [url*] insert url here [/url*] but minus the *'s I put in.
  • squeezed, that was as clear as mud lol!!!!
  • Congrats StephR. Hope you have a H & H 9 months

  • The picture needs to be online somewhere (probably not facebook!). Right click the picture and select properties. The "name" will be come up in a box, its quite long and ends .jpg. Copy that, then in your message paste it. Then immediately in front and behind you need to click the img button. See it above where you type your message? So it should look something like img.whatever12345 whatever.jpg.img. When you post, the image should be there x
  • Thanks for your help Squeezed and Kimmy I've made another thread already image It was deffinatly a BFP I did a CBD yesterday aswell.

    Thanks for the congrats mrshunter hope you get your BFP soon

  • i had same prob trying put pic on then did the clear blue like u we same wks on it lol congrats hunnie xxx
  • Thanks she dragon. Been to doctors today and im now 5weeks and 2 days

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