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Anyone ttc after Implanon (Contraceptive Implant)

Is anyone else trying to concieve after having the implanon implant?

We're on cycle 5 after having the implant in for 18mths. I didn't ovulate for the first 2 months, and was wondering if there was anyone else in a similar situation? x


  • Hiya well as of tomorrow me and my hubby will be! gettting my implant out in the morning image providing they will actually be able to.

    this is my 2nd implant in for nearly the 3 yrs so not holding much hope for it happening quick!

    gd luck hun ill be eagerly watching for others in the same position.

  • Hi there sorry for g/c-ing, I had my implant out on the 7th of February this year, after having it in for a year. I wanted to check I would ovulate in the first cycle so used opk's and sure enough I did ovulate around the 1st of march, we were lucky enough to fall pregnant first month and I'm now in the DIN forum. I didn't have a period between having the implant out and getting a BFP. Don't give up hope I'm sure you'll be celebrating your BFP's soon. Fingers crossed for you. X
  • Emily, did you do anything specific the month you fell pregnant?

    We're starting smep this month to see if it helps x
  • i was really worried that i wouldn't ovulate as i'd heard lots of stories, so i bought loads of internet cheapy ovulation sticks from amazon and just just them everyday,as the sticks got darker we bd-ing every other day day.(although we did miss one day but dtd the next day).sorry if this is not much help. fingers crossed its your turn for a BFP next!x
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