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Cramps making me worry

The week before i got my BFP I had horrendous cramp and could barely stand OH took me to see doc who said it could be a burst ovarian cyst after proding me around for a good few minutes with his freezing hands :evil: He told me the pain should be gone by the end of that weekend (which it hasn't)

Week later I got my BFP so my doctor would say im 5-6 weeks (I'll double check that Wednesday when I see her) The cramps aren't nearly as bad as they were but they are still coming and going when they please. I've been trying to concentrate on where exactly the pain is coming from today and it is mostly on the left side.

I've then been stupid and looked around on the internet to see what any websites say about it and they mostly say ectopic pregnancy so now im getting worried. The pain is a lot less frquent now though and I haven't had any blood at all. Im a worrier and could just be being stupid as it has taken OH and myself 20months and 1 MC and we just want to feel excited about this BFP.

Any opinion to put my mind at rest would be amazing.

I will talk to my doctor any way bu thats not for another 2days



  • Hey, I think if i was you I'd ring my local EPU and describe how you've been feeling. Its def better be cautious I reckon. I'm sure it'll be fine but at least you'll be able to relax once you've spoken to them and had a scan. xx
  • I had this with my second pregnancy and it was nothing to worry about!! just stretching of your uterus!! So try to stay positive!! xxxxxx
  • Thanks ladies, Just got off the phone to my nearest EPU and she said theres nothing they can do I need to talk to my GP GRRRRRRRR some help they are.

    I'll just have to wait untill tomorow now. I have red somewhere that eating bananas can help with cramps though so I'll give that a go for now

  • Hi there,

    Just thought i would share my story, I am currently waiting for my BFP but last time i also had cramps and what i would describe as a dull ache. It's really hard to concentrate and 100% say where the pain is. But the doctor told me your insides are preparing, and getting bigger so you are bound to feel discomfort your body changes very quickly in the first few months.

    You have not said if this is your 1st pregnancy?, i sadly m/c my first- not relating to anything i have just written.

    whilst waiting for my BFP i am getting the same crampy feelings and praying it is just my insides getting ready

    Try not to worry x x x x x
  • Hi alexer2011 I have also had an MC but I was on alot of medication due to catching MRSA in hospital after I was in a car accident and we think we could have one in November but not too sure as my cycles were all over the place.

    We've got our doctors appt today so I'm hoping for the best.

    I can't really describe how the cramps feel all the time some times it does feel like and irritating so of itch but on the inside, or sharp pain but some times it does feel like a stretchey pain.

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