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Thoughts ladies!? I never got a positive opk this month although we bd regularly throughout. Now on day 42 and not sign of af, did a pg test on day 36 which was negative. I can be irregular but not as long as this!!!! What do you think? Ask doctor? Any chance I'm pg? Argh!!!! Xxx :?


  • I'd say 8 days after your last test should give you an accurate result, but I agree with Libby, if you don't ov, you could have a long cycle x
  • I have a similar issue..2 weeks late with bfn. But don't know if I ovulated. Been to docs toda6 and been sent for blood test. He said some people although pregnant don't get a bfp with urine tests. He has asked the people at the walk in centre to test other things such as hormone levels etc. If theres anything wrong/they can advise in ud rather know now!! Sure there's not, like u prob just didn't ov this month... Sooooooo annoying as don't know like u where I am in my cycle. Good luck!! X
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