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Af lasting 14 days or longer. Is it just me????

Has anyone experienced this? It has been building up. Last mth she lasted 10 days, mth before was 12. Today I have been bleeding for 14 days and I'm soooo hacked off! Just waiting for my appt letter for FS but how can I ttc when I'm constantly bleeding. Arrrggghhhhhh!


  • This happened to me years and years ago (say 2 years after AF started to visit me long before I had even thought about babies) sometimes it would just be spotting for days on end and when I got scared and thought I was was dying and actually told my mum what was happening it was like a tap had been turned on (sorry tmi) my doctor put me on the mini pill just to balance out my hormones within a couple of months everything was normal again... get yourself an appointment with your gp and just tell them how badly it's affecting your life and sanity
  • I had this too. i read that if af lasts longer than 10 days you should go and see your doctor. because my cycles were erratic, i started taking agnus castus, and this has appeared to help both problems. I would recommend seeing your dr first though, they might be able to help.

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