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really need some help advice. out of my head here...ttc

Hi everyone im a 36 year old already mum who is trying for another baby with lovely new hubby, we been trying actively for 5 mths and before that sort of for a long time. anyway. been to doc and checked out fine.

This month i thought i was pregnant. I ovulated on day 10 really early for me cos norm im day 15 + and expected my period 14 days later and it didnt come til today. 22 days later! I called the doctor who was very nice and told me not to worry and i took pg test just incase. but no. im not pregnant. what happened this month? im so confused and worried. why isnt it happenin and why was my cycle so messed up this time? my partner and i have had babies with ex but we cant seem to do it tog...

plz advice plz


  • Hi Kinky boots, Didn't want to read and run have you tried the cbfm? might put your mind at rest a bit? also preseed is worth a try if you haven't used it before?
  • The time between when you ovulate and getting your period doesn't change, (the time between your period and when you ovulate is the only bit of the cycle that can change) so you must have just ovulated later than you thought, probably around the time you usually ovulate.

    When I was ttc, I was very aware of what my body was doing because I have PCOS and my hubby has problems too, it took us over a year to concieve so I got very good at knowing my body, but I would still get ovulation signs at different times in relation to when I ovulated and it was never exactly the same every time.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about, good luck I hope it happens for you soon X
  • How do you know you ovulated on day 10 out of interest?
  • Hi didnt want to read and run. I'm sorry I dont really have any advice for you other than, it will happen im sure. We concieved first time with DS1, and were onto month 3 ttc now. Every pregnancy is different, and the older you get (not saying your old by the way) it can take that little longer. Just give it a little more time, and look into other ways of finding out when your ovulating.

    Good luck xx
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