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EWCM question - not as relaxed as I said I would be?!!!

Feel daft asking this question seen as I already have 2 babies!! image

TMI sorry but I have just noticed EWCM earlier than I was expecting but then I guess our bodies do funni things Lol Hubby is at work until midnight will I still be fertile? I've always used OV sticks in the past too pinpoint OV but was determined to be more relaxed this time (not that I am Lol)!!! once it gets in my head to try its all i can think about.

Sorry for the daft question. Just don't know how long before OV you get EWCM



  • I've gotten EWCM in patches way before ovulation before. Last month I had it not long after my period, and again the same this month but I don't ovulate until around day 20. x
  • I get EWCM on and off for 5 days before I ovulate. Someone on here said you ovulate on the last day of EWCM.
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