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waving hi everyone.any second timers in here?

lurking in here for a while. Coil came out last night waiting for colposcopy in couple of weeks because had couple of abnormal smears but predicting may might be our first month ttc number two. Excited but also so bricking it!

J xx


  • Hi,

    I was just about to post the same topic. image

    Im a mum to a little boy born nov 2009. We are about to try for number 2 starting in May. We are only giving it a couple of months to start with as am going on holiday (only france not flying) but I had bleeding from 5 to 13 weeks last time so want to make sure Im through the first stages and have a scan under my belt. If it doesn't happen in those couple of months then we will wait til holiday to start again.

    Who knows what will happen - it took 6 months last time so not expecting it to happen quickly although was coming off pill last time and not taken it since so will see.

    How do you feel about number 2? Im very nervous how will cope as my little boy can be quite demanding.
  • We are starting TTC no.2 this month (next week should be my fertile time!)

    We had our DD in July 2009, after falling PG 2nd cycle so hoping it's as quick this time (although I only have 1 tube so hoping that doesn't cause an issue)

    Good luck xx
  • hi both. Thanks for replies. My dd was meant to be a july09 baby but was far too cosy and ended up aug image remember you kimmy from those forums. I am very nervous indeed think i am just stressed in general at the mo and need to get a bit more chilled i think. Just unsure how i will survive but thought that last time too and i have image what were your birth experiences like last time?
  • That's funny, Haiden was meant to be August but was born in July!

    I actually think I'm a bit more nervous this time about the afterwards stuff. I will have to give up work this time so that's a big change and I'm not overly sure how we are going to manage financially.

    My birth experience last time was pretty good. Haiden was born at 39 weeks. Hind waters broke about 12am and contractions started soon after. Went in to labour ward about 5am where they told me I wasn't dilated yet but my cervix was definitely changing and they kept me in. Was 4ish cm at about 1pm, got in the pool for a while after they broke my forewaters, got out to have pethidine, and she was born at 8:04pm. I had a very slight 2nd degree tear with 1 stitch xx
  • My birth experience was quite positive from last time I think.

    DS was born at 37+6. My waters started trickling at 3am and I went into hospital at 9am to get checked as wasn't sure if it was waters or Id wet myself :lol: I had suspected Strep B so they didn't want to wait for me to go into labour naturally so I was induced at 2.30 pm with a pessary. I only had 1 paracetamol and by 7pm and first check by the midwife I was 9cms dilated. Then I had a bit of gas and air and DS was born at 8pm.

    I needed a couple of stitches as he came quickly in the end but we were in hospital for a week after as he needed an operation on his mouth for a cyst so couldn't breast feed.

    That is something that im worried about as last time fully expressed for 3 months as he couldnt bf and im not sure how i'll cope bfing and having a toddler.

    Im also worried about how quick the next one might come as its supposed to be slower with induction and mine was quick. Ive been told next time as soon as labour kicks off I have to go in. We have no family local so no idea how it will work out having someone to look after ds.

    He still doesn't sleep through so im not worried about sleepless nights just the day to day practicality of managing 2 on my own whilst the other half is at work. I find it difficult with 1 toddler on his own.
  • hi ladies. I too had what i would say was an easy time but its amazing when you properly look back and remember things how they were back then.

    I had had some serious false alarms at 39 weeks and my lovely midwife decided to do a sweep and found i was a little dilated and expected her to be born within the next two days. Ha 5 sweeps in total and she was born at ten days over lol. Way too comfy but we stupidly sat about during that time expecting it to happen at any second. Drove us nuts.

    When she did come though she certainly got a wriggle on some waters went just after 9 midwife came out at about eleven ish to check me and an hour or so later found i was seven cm and she was born at 421 in the morning. We had home birth which i know isnt for everyone and i get some wierd looks when i say that. I had two paracetamol and fab gas and air. Took me a while to push her out. Remember i was gutted i hadn had her in pool we had bought. But just couldn get comfy. had second degree tear which was horrid and needed a fair few stitches. Had few pelvic floor issues after that so worried how i will cope with another. She then wouldn breast feed which landed us in hospital two days later made me express and we tried everything under the sun for three weeks with no joy so we choose formula when hubby went back to work i just couldn cope. I am also scared about that bit too as i just know i will want it to work so badly this time. I am worrying that i had it too good last time and next time will be horrendous. Pathetic i know. Also worried about working full time with toddler and having miscarriage as several of my work colleagues did. Again stupid. Off work for the next few weeks so need to get some positivity back

    Happy friday ladies xxx
  • Its scary isn't it. My first pregnancy was ectopic, my colleague has had two miscarriages in her first two pregnancies, and I know two people who had bad news at their twenty week scans and had to terminate. It scares the life out of me x
  • think now we now the joy that comes along the bad seems so much worse eh? Never really knew too much about miscarriage until it happened to my friend and i was quite shocked to be honest

    But then ectopic worse still. Xx
  • I too am very worried about miscarriage as too seem to know a few people that have been through it. I had bleeding too from week 5-13 everyday but everything was fine but I had to take it easy and this will probably happen again so not sure how i'll do that with a very active toddler.

    Also I work with children with disabilities and can see the various things that can go wrong. I try to remember every day how blessed i am to have such a perfect little boy and that the percentage of things that go wrong compared to healthy babies born is tiny tiny.

    Fingers crossed we all fall pg quickly and sail through the pregnancy with no problems.

  • Hi everyone

    We're planning to start TTC our second in May and I'm also excited / bricking it!!!

    I also have another strange feeling: guilt - as if having another baby will somehow be betraying my first LO!!

    Does anyone else feel like this?

  • hello there looks like there could be four of us second timers going for may!

    Yes i am with you with the guilt towards my little one and also work too?! Xx
  • I too feel some guilt towards my lo. How will I manage to share my love between two (I know i will but just cant imagine it at the mo)? But on the other hand my lo LOVES other children and I think that giving him a brother or sister will add so much to his life.

    Exciting that there's 4 of us (so far) due to start ttc around the same time image
  • We're starting TTC for our 2nd in July. DD was born in April 2010 and was conceived the first night of trying, so I'm hoping it's going to be as quick this time!

    I know what you mean about feeling guilty! All my friends with two say that you just have to think of it as you're love being infinite, it'll just grow to accomodate another one. On the plus side, DD will have had 2 years of 1:1 attention from me and bubba 2 won't have that. Oh no, another thing to feel guilty about :lol:
  • oh cool theres more of us image we also conceived first night trying too but not convinced will happen that quick this time especially as getting abnormal smears which is probably something and nothing but will know soon enough. As for sharing the love i never in a million years imagined how i feel now about little one so i know the love would spread and i am an only child and therefore know what a fab thing having a brother or sister would be if that makes sense?

    Anyways where are we all from what do we do etc? I am orig from midlands but now in worthing close to brighton. I am a sec school teacher and hubby is a police officer. Both work quite away from work as our jobs dont lend themselves to living amongst our customers image but it has its issues with childcare at the mo! xxx
  • I'm so glad to not be the only one to feel guilty image I just know that my DS will be jealous when a new baby arrives and takes up too much attention!

    My LO was also born in April 2010 and we decided to try for no. 2 as soon as he turned one - it took us 7 months to conceive him so I'm hoping it won't take quite so long this time (we shall soon see I suppose...)

    I live in Surrey and am a full time mum. I used to work at a university and couldn't wait to leave to have my DS as it was sooo stressful there. Of course, it's blooming hard work looking after a baby (a lot harder than I could have ever imagined!!!)

    I'm really looking fwd to May but I'm not doing anything in particular to prepare for TTC - although I've been taking folic acid as part of the postnatal Pregnacare pack ever since April 2010. What about everyone else?

  • madders i am taking sanatgoen mother to be or something like that for the folic acid and thinking the extra stuff wont do any harm!! i have also managed to lose a little weight recently - well overdue and ironic i start to feel happier about my weight as we are about to start TTC. oh well i know it well help in so many ways. trying to be a bit mor active, eat better and relax a little more

    hubby has the end of this week earmarked to try to quit smoking again, he has tried so many times bless him, he is a considerate smoker - always outside and away from DD, hates her even seeing him smoke, but still its such a pain and so expensive, not to mention the health risks etc, he knows all this but just cannot do it. hopefully this time it will work, just dreading the moods already :roll:

    have we all had a good weekend? we have been slatehring on the suncream - cant quite believe it in april!!

  • I'm just taking the folic acid on it's own. I used Pregnacare for a while last time but it was two tablets and they were massive! Actually, now you have reminded me I forgot to take it this morning

    An update for you guys- it's my fertile time this week (based on my cycle going straight back to normal like it did last time) so we BD Sat/Sun (it was past midnight so not sure what day to call it!) and also last night, and hopefully.....!

  • hehe good going kimmy all crossed for you

    Hope the two week wait goes quickly for you xxx
  • Hello everyone

    We will be TTC number two in September which seems an age away.

    DS was born in April 2010. I do feel guilty towards him but at the same time just think that it will be lovely for him to grow up with a brother or sister, hopefully be an uncle one day etc etc.

    I am hoping to repeat my first labour. I actually quite enjoyed it. I had a water birth and the water was all the pain releif I needed. The only thing that really got me was the length (40 hours of contractions every 3 mins) and I did get a bit scared at the end because DS got stuck. He had the cord around his neck body and arm so was in a right tangle. All in all though a fantastic first labour, didnt even need stitches image so looking forward to doing it again.

    good luck to those starting next month.
  • Wif - I love the sound of a water birth so, if I get pregnant again, I plan on having one but I would like to do it in hospital.

    My birth experience was fairly good. I managed without any pain relief except for gas and air (which didn't take away the pain but did send me to cuckoo land and the midwife took it away from me when it was time for me to push).

    And it took me 3 hours of pushing to deliver my DS which was exhausting but satisfying that I got him out just as they were threatening the ventouse.

    My problem was that my blood pressure shot through the roof when I was in labour and it needed close monitoring so I would probably need to go into hospital for the second birth.

    Good luck to everyone that will be TTC this year - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Kimmy image !!


    P.S. I'm totally addicted to One Born Every Minute and am so glad Channel 4 decided to repeat last year's episodes image

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