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CD1 she found me :( but means i can book my HSG!

Heya ladies well at CD46 she finally found me!

my cycles have been anywhere from 35-49 days long so i wasnt very suprised she took so long to appear!

im in absolute agony with period pains today- i feel like a teenager again when i got them real bad!

On the upside it means i can book in for my HSG scan, stupid holidays has thrown all the dates out mind you so theres only one day i can actually go, lets hope they can accomodate me on that day!!


  • Hi

    What's a hsg scan for? Glad yr cycle is back. I am on cd 74 now, but bfn. Don't know what's goin off with me. Good luck ttc x
  • I am on CD76 now, still BFN's. Having CD21 test on Weds so hopfually will get some answers. This is the longest cycle ive ever had, mine are normally 31CD.

    What a HCG scan? Sorry image
  • ive been reading a HSG xray is to check your tubes etc are clear and working!

    they insert a dye into your (ahem) and xray it to see if your tubes are clear and flowing.

    am nervous but will feel better when its done as its meant to increase your chances of preg by up to 80% as your tubes are as clean as they were when you were first born!!

    yikes - no pressure eh lol xx
  • Thanks dummymummy for that!

    Cupcakebabyuk I can't believe were in the same position, now cd 77!! Never wanted af to find me so much! Doctor is sending me for another blood test, just know I'm still not pregnant tho. He is also sending me for progesterone test, but can't go for that till my cycles are back as have to go a week before af due. Just wondered how do u know when yr cd 21 ?
  • Oh n good luck with the hsg dummymummy! Let us know how u get on x
  • Oh I know, I really want her to show up for like the first time in a long time!

    I had my CD21 test today, which seems pointless as now on CD79! But the doc said to have the test done anyway because I could be waiting a long time. Cant wait to have the results back as we will be refered to the fertility clinc (weather my results come back OK or not) because hubs has a low count.

    When she first said about my CD21 the doctors couldnt fit me in as it would have been the following Monday, so I missed it. I thought I would only have to wait another month but nature has other plans! She is checking for hormones and PSOS and liver funtion etc.

    Started dieting yesterday because I am slightly over weight (not a huge amount) but I know someone who had to wait even longer before getting IVF treatment because they wasn't ideal weight. So as we are so close to being refered I don't want to jepordise it and have to wait even longer just because I am a tad fat lol. I would like to lose 2 stone or 2 and a half.

    dummymummy, sounds like it will be a good thing to do, and I am sure it will be worth it. Its never nice when we have to go through all these things but just think when we do eventually get pregnant we have to go through birth!

    Hope everything goes ok for both of you, keep me updated (if you dont mind of course!)

    Are you both trying for your first baby?
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