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Me & My Fiances First Baby

Helloo everyoneeimage

Okay so me and my finace have been together for 3 years now and we now think its time for a baby image

I have been off the pill for a little while now more than 3 months and still nothingimage

Since iv been off the pill my pierods have been everywhere image im now having 2 a month likee WHATT!!

Does that mean i have less of a chance of having a babyy??

Im most fertile on the days of my pierod but im not going to have sex then am i ? no !.

Does anyone have any tips for me please

Thank youuu x


  • Chelssiee if you are having shorter periods you would have more chances of getting pregnant as your be ovulating more. Also you are not most fertile on your period. You would be most fertile when you ovulate. So you need to work out when you ovulate then baby dance a lot around that time.

    Good luck x
  • Oooooh i seeee.

    But everyone says i need to find out when im most fertile how can i ?

    I never have pierods at the same time one month can be at the start and then the next month can be at the endd image

    what can i do?

    thank youu x
  • you need to get more in tune with your cycles and body. A normal cycle is between 26 and 35 days long with ovulation usually occurring between day 12 and 17 (you can usually tell your ovulating by EWMC)but some women take temps and check position of cervix to pin point it,you can also get the ovulation sticks from chemists which can also tell you when you ovulate. It could take your body a while to get back to being regular if you've been on the pill for a long time sometimes up to a year... there is certain herbal remedies you can take to regulate periods and induce ovulation
  • Just to clarify, are you saying you have very short cycles, so you can have a period at the beginning of the month and another say 25 days later, or are you lightly bleeding in the middle of your cycle?? Only i have started spotting a little blood after ovulation, which is nothing to worry about and a sign that you're ovulating regularly.

    Def start keeping a diary of your cycles and maybe either take your basal body temperature as soon as you wake up in a morninga and use a charting site like Fertility Friend, or invest in some o f the ovulation kits as suggested.

    Some people are very lucky to fall straight away, others it takes a bit more time and if you have a slightly different cycle to the average 28 days and ovulating on CD14, it can make things harder to work out, but you'll get there!!!

    After 8 months of trying, i've just bought a clearblue fertility monitor off ebay which takes all the guessing out of when you ovulate and might be worth investing in, as lots of ladies in here have had success with them!!

    Good luck too you x
  • Chelsiiee sometimes peoples hormones return to normal very soon after stopping the pill but in most cases it takes at least 2-3 months and for many it takes much longer. The bleeding you are having at the minute is almost definitely not a true period. Some people have short cycles of about 21 days or so but if you are bleeding twice a month there is no way you are ovulating (releasing an egg) before each period. Even if you were and it was fertilised there wouldn't be enough time for it to develop and implant successfully before your next bleed.

    You are having all these odd bleeding patterns because you have stopped the pill hormones and your own hormones haven't taken over again yet. The pill sends your ovaries to sleep and they just haven't "woken up" yet. When they do you will release an egg and this will then dictate the hormone pattern for the rest of the cycle. Once you have been off the pill for a while you will most likely start releasing an egg every month and your period will arrive approximately 14 days later.

    Now remember the release of an egg is the first thing that happens 2 weeks before your true period and you don't know when that will be so if you keep having sex you may well get pregnant before you ever have a true period.

    Good luck and remember you should be taking folic acid (400 micrograms) ideally for 3 months before you start trying to conceive. If you aren't taking it start now!
  • Hi there, it can take a while for your body to adjust to differing hormone levels after coming off the pill. As for being most fertile it is normally considered to be immediately after you stop bleeding (days 8-12 of your cycle) but will vary slightly depending on the length of your cycle. Be patient, things will start to settle down and you'll get to know your 'rythym'. Good luck.
  • Thank You So Much image

    But yeah i am having 2 pierods a month both for 5 to 6 days :/ i have onepierod then a week/2 weeks later i have another x
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