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Easter Bunny present

Morning Ladies,

Was very shocked to get my BFP yesterday, was waiting for af and realised my boobs were sore and swollen!! two first response tests are positive so am off to the doctors this morning!!

My cycles have been all over the place so i really don't know where i am! Am thinking of getting a digital clear blue.

Good luck to you all and i hope you all get your BFP soon

x x x

Special good luck to loopy013 and lady is broody image

have been to doctors and am awaiting confirmation off them to be booked in with midwife.

Clear blue digital has said 3+ since conception which is 5+ weeks pregnant image


  • AW congratulations what a fabulous pressie the easter bunny brought you, a happy & healthy 9months to you x
  • Ah congratulations, fab news! X
  • Yaaay congrats Bellesmommy xx
  • congratulations x
  • congratulations x
  • congratulations xxx image
  • Congratulations, thats fab news xxx
  • Congratulations!! xx
  • Ahhh thanks bellesmommy! what a wonderful easter bunny present! how did you break the news to your hubs? x
  • Ahhh massive thanks to you Bellesmommy7, and super congratulations on ur pregnancy wishing you a H&H 9 months xxx

    Ps Lady_Is_Broody I hope it brings us both luck this cycle image
  • Thankyou ladies!!

    Well AF should have arrived easter sunday, but my boobs felt sore and firm and it was my dh that said to me 'i think you've got a sticky pip'. No where was open by us to get a test so i had to wait until monday to get to boots to grab a first response. The line came up straight away, but to be sure i did another test tuesday morning. dh and dd are over the moon!!

    Have worked out using clear blue digital that im about 5+ weeks so i could be due end of december but i had to have an emergency section with dd so they might bring me forward. Slight snag thou as dd birthday 5 december then christmas then my birthday 30 december. Poor dh is distraught ha ha x x x

    (((hugs))) and babydust x x
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