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Hi ladies, im looking for some advice.

I had my mc about 3 wks ago and we have gone straight back to ttc.

My question is, when do i think about testing? the nurse at EPAU said to expect af within 4-6 wks, so do i wait 6 wks and if no af then test?



  • They say you dont get an AF 4-6 weeks but it could be longer. I think I was 6.5 - 7. But I have seen written somewhere someone had waited 10 image but that may be because I had the D&C op to get rid of mine?

    You are a lot more fertile after a MC though so FG you have a sticky little bean. I think test when you are ready but if it shows a BFN it could be because your body has not fully recovered or it could be becase its to early to tell if you are pregnant.

    Hope it works out the way you want it too.

    Sending baby dust to you xxx
  • Its so confusing isnt it!?

    I did not need any assistance and the baby all came away on its own and i didnt bleed for long after.

    Ive been having EWCM over the last 48 hours and OV pains, so taking full advantage of this!

    I think oerhpas its best if I just test in about 2 weeks from now and see what happens.

    Trying not to get too clinical about it, but its hard.

  • hi cundingo u r in the same situation as me i lost my bean 4wks on tues coming and we decided to ttc straight away, praying that what some people say of been more fertile is true and will help us.. fingers crossed for u as well lets hope we get super sticky beans and great big bfp x x x
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