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When to BD cbfm - really should know this by now!!!

OK i am on day 11 and usually ov (if my lp is slightly longer) at about day 15-16.

So with my peak on the cbfm appraoching should i bd on the day of the peak or before the peak therefore anticiapting what might not happen (i odnt always ov).

What would you do? I just want to make sure i do the best this month but with the royal wedding and running a pub i am exhausted!

Any advice x


  • Hey

    You sould be BD every other day on highs and when you get your two peaks you should bd on both of those days. You may get a high after the peak or it could go back to lows. xx
  • what charlies wife said thats what I do, my peak usually comes on day 13 AND also on your peak days do it in the morning if possible rather than at night, more sperm in teh morning x
  • Oh and good luck chicken hope you get caught quickly x
  • We caught by doing every other day, and when we start ttc again properly thats what we'll do again.

    I would probably BD on CD12, 14 and 16, but i know a lot of ladies BD on both peaks. We tried this last month but we ended up exhausted, because we'd dtd the day before my first peak too, so ended up with 3 in a row. That doesn't sound a lot but it was for us at that point :roll:

    Good luck hun

  • we bd every third day of high, only used for 1 month, and both days of peak, had high from day 12 til day 22 and peak 23 and 24, couldnt do every other day all that time was to tired and working nights, but it worked and we got our bfp.

    good luck
  • ahhh thanks ladies - i am still on lows on day 12 so hopefully my ovaries will kick in soon!

    Moonbeam - its taking forever as always! But lovely to hear from you x
  • us too summer I'm just going into month 7 image its a fricken mare!!! lol love to you x
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