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Back - again with a Q 9prob a rather silly one)


I am a serial BE comer and goer (that sounds a bit rude). But Mr P and I have FINALLY and DEFINITELY started TTC after two years of prevarication.

So my Q is - I have been using those Ovulation predictor kits (we have been shagging whatever but I wanted to try and work out when I was ovulating) and yesterday I got the little line that says your hormones are peaking- yaaay. So we did the deed but my Q is while I think/know I am fertile today am I still fertile tomorrow - basically when does my fertile window end? Sorry if this is a silly Q.



  • When you get a peak, it means you should ovulate within the next 12 - 36 hours, so you are considered fertile the day of your peak, the day after and sometimes the day after that.x
  • Thanks LIB. Fingers crossed. And well done on your weight loss - I see you have lost nearly a stone, that's awesome. It's such hard work. x
  • Thanks! I decided after getting AF last month that I'm going to focus on other things like getting some weight shifted as I've got a lot to lose.

    Are you using anything to keep track of your cycles? x
  • I have an app on my iphone that I have been using for a few months to chart my cycles and I can add notes to it. It tells you when it thinks you are ovulating/fertile, but it doesn't match up with what my ovulation sticks say. Hopefully a combination of the two will work. Been taking my folic acid for a few months now as well! Do you think there's anything else I should do?

    I lost 21 lbs about 18 months ago. It was hard work but I found that cutting out booze and cheese was really effective (I would also often cut out wheat and all dairy but I think that's too extreme for the long term) - oh and going to spin and boxing classes!

    PP X
  • I recommend swimming as a keep fit regime, it exercises just about every muscle in your body and can be continued fairly comfortably during your pregnancy too.
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