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Please help !!! :-/ ttc cd56 and counting but neg tests

Hello image

Just a quick one really as I need some advice...

been ttc for our first since about November now...let my body settle down after 6 years on the pill and had my withdrawal bleed in december (messed up my last pill pack so this was quite normal i think) in january after a 44 day cycle af came...then began using the Ov tests just to try and make it a bit simpler.. got a image on cd35 of next cycle but then af came on cd46...went into next cycle still using the ov tests but no image even up to cd42 still no sign of a image so i gave up and thought i maybe had not ovulated that cycle and would wait for af to the meantime still bding as normal.. and today on cd56 i have still not got af... i had been really good and thought well i will keep my fingers crossed but not test yet...however this morning i freaked out and just had to test... and it was negative...i somehow convinced myself that it might be wrong and that i should take another to be sure.. and so i took a second one this afternoon... still negative.. WHATS GOING ON?!?!

i dont get what is going on with my body at all :-/ is this normal? to have a 56 day cycle and still have no sign of anything either way? i normally get really crampy when af is on her way and i haven't really had that...all i have had is quite bad lower back pain when standing for any length of time...more so than normal.. but other than that no real symptoms of anything... please help or give your advice as i am in desperate need of some.. i have really tried to stay off here because i thought it would help me chill out about it all...but i just need to hear from some other people who i know are in the same boat as me...if you can help then thank you image



  • It seems like a long time but it is possible, especially if you've had stress or anxiety or even occasionally when you've been on the pill within past year. It's also possible to get false negatives in early pregnancy whilst hormone levels are still building and before the egg implants. To be certain of what's going on speak to your GP. They'll be able to talk things through with you and do more detailed tests if needed. Best wishes and good luck.
  • It can take up to a year for your body to regulate hormones after being on the pill for so long. There is remedies you can take to shorten cycle length and induce ovulation. Agnus Cactus and Evening primrose oil I've seen mentioned but to be honest I don't know much about them so you'd maybe have to research them to find out more on what they do. image

    Some of the ladies on the KWA thread may be able to help you more
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