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Hi,not been on here since MC last dec,hope you lovely ladies can help i had MC last dec and my periods went back to a 28 day cycle in Jan,i was due my period on the 15th may but there is no sign of it,i have done to preg tests 1 on the 17th and another on the 21st both have come back neg,i went to doc on 23rd and she said that i may be pregs but hormone level to low so have to do another test this weekend,doc also said it maybe because i want to be pregs badly so that is why it is late but to be honest it was my birthday on 16th so really wanted to go out and enjoy myself on the 21st so i was actually quite hoping that my period was going to come,has anyone else had neg results but still found they were pregs xxx?


  • Hi

    I usually have to wait till a few days late before I can get a positive result.

    Try one of the cheaper early results tests as they pick up lower hormone levels.

    Good luck fc for you

  • Hi,

    When i was pregnant last time i had to be a week late untill i got a positive pregnancy test so it is possible.

    Good luck, keep us posted.

    Emma XX
  • 2 weeks late now done another test this morn (clear blue digital) another negative result,will have to go to doc's on tuesday as this is actually getting to me now,having to hold my tears back as my to not to upset my 5 yr old xxx
  • Hi KellieBell, Try not to upset yourself, it is still possible. With my 1st I didn't get BFP until 2wks past my due date and was told to wait that long again this time around by my GP to allow for HCG to build up. With my sister, when she was carrying my nephew her BFP didn't show until she was 12wks into term and even then was faint but he was there where he should be and is now 2 1/2 yrs old.
  • thankyou kazzie xx,it the waiting now till tuesday that's goig to do my head in as it bank hols monday,when i went to doc's monday she told me it was unlikely i was pregs if i had another neg result this w'end but by listening to you i can see that she could be wrong,will keep you guts updated xxx
  • Just got back from doc's wasn't that helpful,i have to take urine sample into him tomoz morn so that he can test for pregnancy,if it comes back negative then i have to go back friday for blood tests,he says it could be my age that are make my periods irregular (i'm 37) and that there is 1-10000 chance that i am pregs,just want this sorted now image xx
  • UPDATE have had bad water infection so doc's trying to blame that now for me not having period,it's 3 weeks over due now but is due again this weekend coming,i'm really hoping it comes as i have never missed a period in my life and it's soo very distressing, doc's done preg test last tues which came back a neg result :?
  • Oh Kellie I do feel for you, I have only ever missed one period without being pregnant (due to stress/anxiety) but bled 3wks after. If nothing happens this weekend I'd ask to be referred to gynaecologist for a check over/reassurance.
  • Oh Kellie, try to keep as calm as you can i know its so hard trying not to get upset. I think the dr is just trying not to get your hopes up, however 3 weeks late is a late which ever way you look at it

    i wish you all the luck in the world. keep us posted and feel free to drop me a line if you need some suport we are all here for you x
  • UPDATE got my period on friday only nearly 4 weeks late but am relieved in a way that it has come so i can get back to ttc again xx
  • hi i am new to this sight and need a little help with IMPLANTATION BLEEDING please!

    I had my period on the 2nd of july for 5 days, i then had unprotected sex 3 days after which would make it the 9th of july.

    I started spotting on the 18th sorry to go in to so much detail however i put my fingers up and dark red blood came out a little slimy after that it was pink and only when i wiped.

    On the 19th bled a little more it was watery and changed colour from bright red then dark and still a little slimy at times and only enough for a panty liner,

    On the 20th it was the same as yesturday i changed panty liner twice not because it was full but i felt cleaner it stopped about 11pm was getting a little cramping a little like when your on a ride that woozy feeling,

    On the 21st bleeding started back around 10:30am same as yesturday on off and only when i wiped,

    On 22nd light bleed red to pink,

    23rd bled once and on 24th brown creamy strechy discarge only when i put my fingers up. now i my stomach is feeling tender sometimes to the touch and a little back ache. please can any one help not due for period till around 5th aug i have a 34-38 day cycle and not on any contraception.

    I really hope this is it fingers crossed am gonna test in about a week but can anyone help in the mean time.xx

    please can any one help! :?
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