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Is it next week yet??

Hi everyone,

Hope your all well.

I soooooo want it to be next week!! Af is due 24rd of june and i've been really trying to not let myself think about "am i, arnt i?" this month but it's totally taken over my thoughts the last couple of days!

Hope we all get a BFP very soon!



  • Not long to go now. Any developments? good luck for this month.
  • Hiya,

    I've got a test upstairs and have held off doing it yet, I wanted to let af be late before i did a test but i can't wait, but i really should, but i can't ... OMG ... this ttc malarki is torture isnt it!!?

  • It certainly is! I think Im due anytime (i'm irregular usually but taken first lot of clomid)and I feel like Im going to start but cos pregnany sypmtoms are similar I keep getting carried away thinking I am pregnant! I did a test yesterday whihc was negative but it was too early really so it was pointless! Im going to try and leave it as long as possible now ha

    Good luck hope you get your BFP (and me too)
  • I did a test yesterday too and mine was negative, lets keep our fingers crossed that it was a bit to early for both of us.

    Good luck poppy

  • Hi Gem, when is your af actually due?

    Hope you and Poppy did test too early and you both get a BFP XX
  • Hiya, am due 23/24th, no sign as yet. She's probably just toying with me ... the witch!!!

    How are you poppy?

  • hello gem I just started today! but actually i feel ok as I know the clomid has worked, its the first time in my life i've had a normal (whatever that is ha) 28 day cycle so roll on next month! How about you?
  • Hi poppy,

    Sorry AF arrived but I guess it must be good to know where your up to with your cycle etc after such irregular ones before.

    Still no sign yet for me, but I think I will start soon, I just don't feel lucky this month! Have got 1 more test upstairs and if I've still not come on tomorrow morning I'll do it.

    Loads of luck for next month

  • Hi Gem

    Thanks for your support! you never know it might be your lucky month, I hope so, let me know how you go on xxxx
  • AF is here! O well, fingers crossed for us both next month.

  • Hi,

    its sad when af arrives, wish you BFP next month xxx
  • Hello, aw sorry your af has arrived! oh well maybe next month is our lucky month good luck xxxx
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