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Argh, what to do?

We're getting ready to TTC for baby no 2 (DD was born in April 2010) and I don't want too much more than a 2 year gap which means we need to get on with it. I'm off to a conference in Denver for 5 days in July, which is really long days (and nights!) and a bit of a booze fest. The idea was to start as soon as I got back. Last time I went 2 years ago it worked perfectly, got AF while I was away and conceived first time of trying the weekend after I got home.

I only stopped BF in April, and got my first period after 5 weeks. Before TTC last time, my cycle was a very regular 26 days. However, 2nd AF finally turned up last week after 33 days. If it becomes a bit more regular next month, that means I'll be ov'ing right while I'm away and we won't have a chance to try until August image

DH reckons we should just try this month. Part of me wants to go for it, and part of me really doesn't want to have to make excuses for not drinking for a week and deal with the tiredness whilst I'm away. Thing is, until next AF turns up I won't know for sure where my cycle will fall, so it might still be fine for July if my cycle is longer or shorter than 28 days. Argh!


  • Helloooo, it is so nice to see another April mummy again. Well done you for breastfeeding for a whole year. I am so jealous. I was planning the same but Finley gave up on me when we started weaning. Sorry totally gone off topic.

    If it were me I would wait and see where your cycle falls. If you are usually a drinker when you go away and people are going to ask questions then (like you) I would want to avoid them. I always have thought that if we were asked outright if we were expecting I wouldn't want to lie incase i jinxed it (i know silly)

    My cycles took a while to even out after breast feeding. You never know yours may srprise you.

    I am blabbing and not really knowing what I am saying but I guess what I mean is nobody can tell you what to do. If August feels too far away then go for it now but start thinking of your no drinking story now just in case.
  • When in july is it? Because the umbilical cord doesn't link you t to the baby until the sixth week so technically you could drink without affecting the baby if you were just a couple of weeks pg. it very much depends how much drink but tippy could get away with it by just having a couple of drinks stop people don't ask questions. I know it's not the most responsible things to do but it might work.
  • Thanks guys. Nice to see you too Wif, when are you thinking of TTC again? I think that I'll probably wait and see what happens in July. I don't want to drink once I know I'm pregnant.

    It's not like I'm even a big drinker (worried the post makes me sound like a total lush now!), especially since DD was born but it's the same excuses needed no matter how much you're drinking I guess. Would also be nice to be able to relax and enjoy myself whilst I'm away as it's the last time that I'll be doing it for a while!

    I know things might not happen so quickly anyway this time, it's just I don't want to start until I am definitely ready.
  • We are looking at TTC again in September. I can't wait. Finley does get very jealous if me or his Daddy are holding/ playing with another baby though so I am a bit nervous.
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