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Just wanted to share...

Hey ladies,

Well this is a bit of a pointless post really but just wanted to share. Hubby and I were talking last night and he was just saying that he was imagining what our little bub would look like and he already has a name for our little bean for when I get pregnant. I just thought this was really cute and thought how lucky I am that my hubby is so excited to have a baby. This is our first month really trying to TTC if you know what I mean so we are still full of optimism and pma. Not sure if this will last if it takes a long time though. :roll:

Anyway, hope you are all as lucky as I am to have such a supportive hubby/other half. Babydust to you all.imageimage


  • Hi Gen82UK that is a lovely hubby you have there! Hope you won't be trying for too long xx
  • Aww that's so lovely! good luck to you both!! xx
  • Thank you for the replies ladies. image

    Sianuk11 - It looks as though we are cycle buddies. Good luck for next week. imageI hope this is your month.

    Alice - Hope your pregnancy is going well. Hope to join you guys in the pregnancy forum soon. xx
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