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Exciting times :)

Hi Ladies

I cannot quite believe it, my hubby has suggested we start ttc now! Well kind of :lol:

We were originally planning on September but in May he suggested waiting 2 months and then we'd have to see where we were with money and discuss it again. I thought he was going to say lets wait until next year.

Anyway he was texting me at work yesterday and said he thinks we should stop not trying (hope that makes sense) and just see what happens and then if nothing has happened by October then we'll properly start trying image

Hope I haven't rambled too much, I am just sooooooo excited image (and the best bit is so is he)



  • That is fantastic news

    I hope it all happens quickly for you

    Good Luck
  • How exciting! Good luck x
  • Sorry, completely g/c, but I think it's so lovely that your hubby is so excited. I remember when we had that chat - just before we got married and we decided to start trying (but not "trying") on honeymoon. It was so surreal to actually have a plan of when it was all happening. My hubby was (and is) really excited about everything. We're currently going to antenatal and he's really enjoying it, as am I.

    Incidentally, we "didn't try" for one month, then I got a bit down about it so looked up my ovulation dates online...and the next month we were caught! image

    So good luck!
  • Thank you very much Wif and Lizzie_76 image

    peeweesmum Thank you, its great your hubby is really enjoying it and is excited about everything. It's fab you caught so quicklyas well. I started charting last month when I finished my pill as I was interested to see if I would actually ovulate (I did! Though it's showing as different to I think) so hopefully this will give me some idea anyway.

    Not long for you to go now, I hope it all goes really well for you image

  • Oh exciting! I remember chatting to you on here a few months back.

    Well we decided to 'stop trying to not get pg' I am at 6 1/2 weeks pg!! Good luck xx
  • Oh wow huge congratulations MrsM17, I thought I had seen somewhere you were pg. Thats brilliant, when are you due?

  • Thanks! From my calculations should be the 13th Feb! So a possible valentines baby! xx
  • That is brilliant news! Best get going with the folic acid! image

    I'm due to start with my Pregnacare Conception next week. We're due to start TTC from end September. Hubby really wants me to fall in October but at the moment I think I'd prefer to actually fall after Xmas!

    Good luck & look forward to seeing your announcement soon! image
  • Oooo how exciting, I will definately be looking out for your ba when the time comes image

  • Woooo this is so exciting!!! We could be seeing your bfp soon!! Get yourself off to holland & barrett for folic acid, I am so excited for you!!!
  • Thanks undecideduk2, I think we must have crossed posts! We might have to have a month off in September as I'm a bridesmaid next June, the bride doesn't mind if I am pg but I don't want to be too close to any potential due date. We shall see I'm sure I won't stick to that :lol:

    Rosapenny thank you hun, I have a feeling it may take us a while but I can't help going eeeeek we could be pg soon! Won't be long until you're ttc image

    I have been taking Pregnacare Conception for just over 2 months, soooooo glad I started taking it early. I know its meant to be for 3 months before but I seriously doubt it'll happen straight away.

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