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symptom spotting!!!!

Hmmm I'm feeling a bit sick and have had a foul taste in my mouth on and off the past couple of days....SO hope I get a BFP, I don't know if I'm deluding myself but I'm feeling quite positve. Fingers crossed!!!


  • I hope you do, good luck!

  • hi i am new to this sight and need a little help with IMPLANTATION BLEEDING please!

    i had my period on the 2nd of july for 5 days, i then had unprotected sex 3 days after which would make it the 9th of july.

    I started spotting on the 18th sorry to go in to so much detail however i put my fingers up and dark red blood came out a little slimy after that it was pink and only when i wiped.

    On the 19th bled a little more it was watery and changed colour from bright red then dark and still a little slimy at times and only enough for a panty liner,

    On the 20th it was the same as yesturday i changed panty liner twice not because it was full but i felt cleaner it stopped about 11pm was getting a little cramping a little like when your on a ride that woozy feeling,

    On the 21st bleeding started back around 10:30am same as yesturday on off and only when i wiped,

    On 22nd light bleed red to pink,

    23rd bled once and on 24th brown creamy strechy discarge only when i put my fingers up. now i my stomach is feeling tender sometimes to the touch and a little back ache. please can any one help not due for period till around 5th aug i have a 34-38 day cycle and not on any contraception.

    I really hope this is it fingers crossed am gonna test in about a week but can anyone help in the mean time.xx

    please can any one help!
  • Wow graphic! no idea.
  • When is af due flubbaboo? hope you get your BFP. Im due af in 5 days, not really had any symptoms, just gone off having sex lol dont really know if that counts a symtom lol

    Emma XX
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