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I think I just got my BFP.But am scared to believe it!!

Hi.I was out yesterday and was feeling little queesy and a simple question of are you pregnant was asked.I answered I doubt it .But to settle my mind I took a test this morning .The test line was there and a faint 2nd line too.I will upload a pic once I have worked out how to load it.Im scared to believe it ,purely because I took a test on thurs and was negative .I cant believe If I am but am scared to get too excited.

Help !!


  • Fingers crossed! Leave it another 24hrs and test again.

    Contary to popular belief there is such a thing a false positive so I can understand not getting ahead of yourself.

    I hope you have got a BFP though, good luck x
  • How do you upload pictures
  • You need to put it onto a website like photobucket, press the IMG button, paste the link then press IMG again.

    Hope you've done it!

  • When I first tested it was a very faint line and now I'm over 8 weeks pregnant. take a clearblue digital test to confirm it that's what I did as like u i was too scared to get my hopes up incase it wasn't true! I used the clearblue test the same afternoon I got the faint line and it still came back 1-2 weeks pregnant. good luck!! let us know how u get on xx
  • Sounds like its yr bfp!! Congratulations x
  • Well I couldnt wait any longer and bought a digital clear blue test.Was really scared to look incase it said negative but it came up positive 2-3 weeks.Im sooo excited,think it must have been our mini honeymoon.Thanx for all the advice and help.

    Sending baby dust imageimage
  • Yay!!! Any tips/advice? Tryin to chill out a bit. Its hard tho after 10 months!! Know its Not that long compared to some But feels like forever! Congratulations Again x image
  • thats fab! congratulations!! xx
  • Urm ...try and forget bout it .very hard I know.Put legs up after BD.BD alternate days and I took bumps and baby vitamins .Think I got them from Sainsburys.Soo excited .Cant wait to be able to tel family.

    Good luck everyone !! image
  • Congrats hun. How many DPO where you when you got neg and positive ? Hope you have a H & H 9 months xxxxx image
  • Congratulations mummy2804! very pleased for you! shake some of your baby dust this way! image xx
  • Huge Congrats xxx
  • Massive congrats! Wishing u a H&H 9 months.

    I've with you Maximo, on month 10 too and its getting hard! x
  • Yay, congratulations!! x
  • Congratulations! Thats fantastic news xxxxx.
  • Lovely news - huge congratulations!!
  • Congrats image

    For those ladies still trying:

    Put your legs up after BDing

    BD every second night for most of the month not just exactly the time you are ovulating. i have heard too many stories of people saying they had sex seven days before or after ovulation and fell pregnant.

    And I would advise using preseed.

    Good luck xxx
  • Aww congratulations, it must be fabulous to see it in wrting, yay for CBD image
  • Congratulations!

    Wonderful news, wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy and birth xx
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