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CBFM and ovulation tests - what's the difference?

This might be a really stupid question but what is the difference between the cbfm and ovulation tests? ttc #2 and am still bf although have had a mini-period but am still waiting for af to arrive properly (over 4 weeks now but not pg unfortunately!). Just looking into it all as it's really annoying not knowing even if I am ovulating!!

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  • CBFM - ClearBlue Fertility Monitor refers specifically to the ClearBlue branded fertility monitor, and these are more expensive than some of the no-name dip stick style ovulation sticks.

    This is the info about the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor -

    The regular ovulation sticks, like the ones you can buy off eBay are dip-sticks that need to be dipped in urine, and show 2 dark lines when you're ovulating and just one when you're not.

    The more expensive ones like the ClearBlue one show the six days you are likely to be fertile, where as the cheap ones oly show the two days you are actually ovulating.

    Hope that helps x
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