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Advice from a CBFM user kindly appreciated

Hi ladies,

I was hoping a CBFM user may be able to offer some advice.

I've just won an ebay auction for a CBFM but have never used one before, I'll list my cycles below and was hoping for an idea of when you think I'm best starting to use it within my cycle (we are 11 months ttc, I'm having tests done for PCOS and have very erratic cycles as you'll see below).

Right, here's my cycle history:

(4 day period) within 44 day cycle

(4 day period) within 51 day cycle

(8 day period) within 80 day cycle

(2 day period) within 52 day cycle

(10 day period) within 63 day cycle

(3 day period) within 16 day cycle

(17 day period) currently on day 21

As you can see my periods are extremely erratic and unpredictable (a 17 day full 'flow' period is heartbreaking) but it's left me not really knowing when to start using the CBFM to get the most accurate results possible.

I'll leave it at that, if anyone has any help whatsoever please get in touch.

Many thanks in advance.



  • Hi, you need to set your monitor on the first day of your period. it will normally ask you to start testing around day 8-10. the only thing I would say is it may not be 100% accurate because of your cycles. with the cbfm they say your cycles should be around 21 - 42 days so it may not pin point ovulation if your cycle is longer but it will help pin point ovulation on shorter cycles if you have ovulated.

    I used the cbfm but as I have pcos i don't ovulate regularly and my cycles were erratic aswell but I still found the monitor useful on shorter cycles. I ended up having to use clomid to get get pregnant and after 2 years and 7 months I'm finally pregnant.

    Good luck!! xx
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