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Folic Acid, Pregnacare, Santagen etc etc etc!!!!

I was on Pregnacare conceive but it was getting really expensive so I switched to Superdrugs own brand folic acid.... I read in Zest magazine the other day on fertility that you should take folic acid and a multivitamin! Does this mean I should skint myself on Pregnacare again? What do you take? Is there any real difference?


  • First time round I took Asda own pregnancy multi vits, which I think were something like 2 pots for 4 quid, this time I picked up sanatogen when they were on offer in Asda baby event and then pregnacare when those ran out, also on offer. Think they are all pretty much the same but I would say pregnacare made me feel really bad when I had morning sickness. I forgot to take them when I went away for a weekend and the difference in how I felt was massive. I think i've read on here that they have made others feel bad too. I'm 16 weeks now and i'm going to try them again just to use my stash up, i'll let you know how I get on!
  • I bought Pregnacare conception when it was on offer but found that if I took it after breakfast it gave me really bad stomach cramps by mid morning (I knew that was what it was cause the occasional day when I forgot to take it I was fine). I started taking it before I went to bed though and sleeping through it seemed to work.

    I do agree with you bumblbeeuk it is really expensive, I've just ran out of mine so am taking bog standard folic acid tablets until I nip to Superdrug and get some others but to be honest as the 'active ingredients' in them only have slight differences I'll be buying the cheap and cheerful ones this time.

  • Hey bumbleee, I asked my GP about this the other day. She said if you have a healthy diet then you only need to take folic acid. So i just buy the Boots or Sainsburys own brand which are very cheap.

    Good luck xx
  • Hi bumblbeeuk

    I'm taking Pregnacare Conception as I got them on offer. I think quite a few people take own brand pregnancy supplements rather than conception ones though. Have you looked on Amazon for them? I noticed that Pregnacare Conception is only ??6.90 ish on there with free delivery. As Vass_ said though, if you have a healthy diet and no health issues gps will say folic acid is enough image

  • I took Pregnacare while we were trying and all the way through my pregnancy. I took them before bed in the evening and didn't feel ill. I bought them when they were on 3 for 2 in tesco although they are still quite expensive!

  • G/C from DIS but wanted to say that with both DD & the one expecting I didn't take any supplements whilst trying to conceive & only prescribed folic acid until wk12 into term. DD is now a happy, healthy 18mths old & her sibling is also coming along with few problems. I guess what I'm trying to say is that folic acid is recommended during 1st 12wks when baby is developing most to reduce neural tube defects but otherwise if you feel you are spending a fortune on buying brand vitamins/supplements, you could have the same result with store own brands or none at all.
  • I am taking pregnacare conception and have been for the past couple of months. I am trying to get my OH to take wellman tablets but at the mo am having ot literally throw them down his mouth cos he doesnt want to take them!

    I did start on sainsburys own multivitamins but thought I would give pregnacare a go hoping it would help us get a BFP. On the pack of pregnacare it advises u to take with your main meal however I was wondering whether it makes a difference taking it just before u go to bed rather than with ur main mealm I suppose they shouldnt work any different. I was also wondering whether anyone has had any side effects from these tablets? x x
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