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Day 21 Blood Test


I'm new to all this, well not the trying to concieve bit ( been trying for nearly 2 yrs). I eventually plucked up the courage to go to my doctor and have already had 2 day 21 tests, my first results were really low (4) and my last one last month (20), my doc wants me to have another day 21 which will be nxt week. he will then refer me to a gynocologist, am a little nervouse as to what to expect, does anyone know what tests i have to expect? He said, he might be sending me for a scan to see if everything is OK with my ovaries, and then said something about theater to see if my tubes were open enough for sperm to get through. Has anyone been throught this? maybe explain a bit of what i have to expect? am a wee bit scared :-/


  • Hi lorraine1981,

    It's confusing isn't it? Many of the ladies on here seem to be given slightly different investigations and treatments at this stage.

    We have been trying for a year and a few months. My 21 bloods at the gp came back as borderline. I had my first fertility appointment at my hospital who asked to re-do my bloods as they were borderline, have an ultrascan (which found polycystic ovaries) and have an hsg which checks your fallopian tubes for blockages. My tubes were clear but by chance it revealed a uterine polyp.

    I am now waiting for my next consultation. It seems as though most will prescribe clomid to help you ovulate if your problem is delayed or no ovulation. This seems to be most peoples first step before other treatments. For some, they are given clomid without the hsg.

    In a way it had been more helpful finding out the problems, at least I can now be proactive.

    The scan is a doddle, the hsg is a bit uncomfortable but is over in minutes and as far as I know most people will be offered some treatment after these are completed.

    Good luck, hope they can move things along quickly for you.

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