Have been told I have a polyp on my cervix

I was referred to a gyneocologist because of mid-cycle spotting. I use the CBFM and I get yellow/ grey/ light brownish spotting throughout my cycle except around my high-fertility period. The consultant gynae told me I have a polyp on my cervix and I have to have an operation to have a procedure called a hysteroscopy and also to get the polyp removed. Have been told op will be under general anaesthetic. Anyone have any experience of this? I'm worried about possible complications and am worried (have been looking online).


  • Hi,

    Im gatecrashing from DIN but noticed no-one had replied to your thread. For about 3 years I suffered from mid cycle bleeding (more of a constant pink discharge that would begin 1 week after my period and last until I started again and drove me mad) I saw 2 male doctors who were useless and then finally a locum female doctor examined me and discovered 2 polyps on my cervix which she said were the probable cause, I was so relieved.

    I had mine removed at an outpatient clinic during a colposcopy, no anaesthetic was needed as the polyps don't have any nerves, so it was a case of a large pair of tweezers to twist and remove them, it was uncomfortable (like having a smear) but not painful and very quick. I was there an hour. The discharge stopped straightaway, and apart from some period type cramps and black 'flakes' coming out for a few days, I was fine. The polyps are always tested but almost every time come back benign.

    I really hope you are ok, its such a relief to have the constant bleeding/spotting stop! image

    Take care

    Em xx

    Found this link which may be useful?

  • Hi Em,

    Its good to hear that the bleeding stops after they are removed. That must have been a huge relief for you. I get brown bleeding/ spotting as well. Did you ever get that? It seems to be most when (I think) I have my period. The only thing I can think of is that the polyp quite big and is obstructing the normal flow of blood. (Maybe thats why I'm having a GA).

    Just hope they are right and the polyp is the only reason this is happening. Just dont want to have to wait weeks and weeks before I can get it removed.

    Thanks for your reply image
  • Hi,

    I only ever got the heavy pinky discharge, not red or brown, but my periods also got very very heavy to the point I was gushing blood and often didn't get to the toilet quick enough (sorry tmi!) and when I did I would get a sudden headache due to my blood pressure dropping so I knew something wasn't right! I once got through 3 pairs of pj bottoms in 2 hours and my new boyfriend had to clean the bathroom floor while I was on the loo (he was truly amazing and marrying me in 6 weeks!) My ferratin (spelling?) levels were low due to the constant loss.

    The lady who performed the colposcopy showed me the polyps and they were so much smaller than I had imagined..a bit bigger tham an orange pip. I said do they really cause all those problems and bleeding?? And she said yes,and most women are suprised too. They can irritate the cervix and surrounding tissue and very often leave a little area of inflammation (mine did) which shows up as a white area when they wash it with a special solution after the removal.

    I am a born worrier and was utterley convinced I had something sinister going on..Im sure you will be just fine, I had them removed about 2 months after the doctor finding them, I hope you get your op soon so you can have your mind put at rest image xx
  • Hi emmabelle

    I realise I'm replying to this it's a good few years down the line from when you first asked the question, but I wondered how your experience went?

    I've been diagnosed with a cervical polyp as well which is apparently quite big, and it's due to be removed by hysteroscopy under general anaesthetic in a couple of weeks. My husband and I are 4 months TTC and I am convinced that the fact that there is a huge great polyp sat in the opening of my cervix is stopping any chance of getting pregnant! 

    My gynae says that the sperm could just swim round it but they'd have to be Michael Phelps to get round this thing from what I can feel... 

    How did your hysteroscopy go and have you been successful in getting pregnant since it was removed? Really hope it all went well and the baby fairies delivered eventually!


  •  I know it's old but can anyone help. I have a cervical polyp but I have just found out I am pregnant. Any advice would be wonderful :)

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