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Any 'larger' ladies TTC?

hello ladies, sorry to use te title 'larger' im just wanting to find some PMA/common ground with any ladies who are on the larger side, trying to lose weight and TTC!

I curently have a BMI of 37 and need to get it below 35 or our fertility consultant wont treat me : (

can anyone share any success of having a baby whilst being larger xx


  • Hello.

    I am a larger woman (TTC #2)

    I had a BMI of 39.5 apparently (just checked)

    When i feel pregnant with my daughter.

    I had no problems at all through out my pregnancy.

    Lost 20gk (put it all back on now that i not chucking up everyday)

    But it definately possible.

    **Baby Dust to you**
  • Hi

    Not a success story but I am a larger lady and we are ttc number one. I have a bmi of 36.5. I've always been larger. I have been trying to lose weight on and off and have usually manage to lose a stone or so then give up and put it back on image. No advice unfortunately as I am not succeeding but if we haven't had any luck by September we will be going to the doctors. Dont lose faith, my friend is larger with a much higher bmi than yourself and she is 8 weeks gone xxx
  • I have a bmi of 33.4, I put on 2 stone during my last pregnancy and haven't managed to lose it. I am being really strict on myself for the next few weeks because we have decided to start ttc a month early so I really want to push myself. I am doing the biggest loser on the wii, I am starting the wii fit again tonight as well and I am going to get myself a yoga dvd, I just want to get as much off as I can before I get a bfp.
  • I lost 2 stone last year for my wedding and after the honeymoon, christmas and the last 7 months I have let it all go back on. I started back at Slimming World on Wednesday and now have a BMI of 35 on Friday I got a BFP.

    Good luck

  • Congrats elle88uk

    goodluck with your weightloss rosapenny. I would try but i notice every time i did i couldnt stick to it and ended up putting on more, so now i am just going with the flow.

    **baby dust ladies image**
  • hi there, I am on the larger side and like you I have always been - well i've never been tiny lets put it that way!

    I have a BMI of 33.6, however I am really starting to try and watch what I eat as I want to have as healthy pregnancy as possible ( when I get pregnant) and plus my OH has just proposed!!!!!!!!! so I have now got that to loose weight for!

    Hoping it's going to be a little bit easier having something to push towards.... fingers crossed!

    It is a little bit worrying when your a bit over weight and your not getting pregnant, so i can completely understand,with everything the internet and books say about being healthy ect.)

    All I can say is good luck and as we have some common ground, if you want to chat by all means image

    ** Baby Dust to You **

  • Hi ya, I have a BMI of 34, so yes on larger side! I am TTC #3 since 2nd babe have gained about a stone, which can't seem to shift, have started a personal fitness gym, about 3 weeks ago, to aim to get fitter as well, though I do worry about doing tummy crunches and lifing (light) weights, if I do conceive. have wondered if my weight was affecting my ability to conceive this time, as have been TTC for 5 months. we'll see I suppose! Hope you all get your BFP's soon!

    Kirsty x
  • hiya ladies thanks for your support. since posting i have lost 12lbs! so am well on the way xx well happy, doing slimming world and it seems to be working xximage
  • Well done Dummy-mummy. great job image
  • Well done dummy_mummy!

    I just wanted to say that I had a BMI of just over 35 when I fell pregnant. I had been worried that my weight would affect our chances of conceiving but in all honesty I think stress was worse for me... when we had a nice weekend break away I ended up falling and it was our 5th month of trying so knowing how long it can take I feel very lucky.

    I had to visit the consultant due to my BMI at the beginning of pregnancy but as I am actually healthy with no blood pressure problems etc I was left under midwife care and thankfully have had no complications through my whole pregnancy - and now there is not much of it left!

    You're doing really well, and I just want you to know it will happen for you too. Good luck x
  • Well done!! 12lbs that's amazing!
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