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And so the planning begins...

Me and my DH of one month have decided that once my current prescription of the pill finishes, I won't be getting anymore, including the one I am 4 days into, I have 5 packets left. We went out the other day and bought some folic acid which I have started to take and yesterday I worked out that if I wait for my first normal af, we could be TTC in January... depending on the first real af!

Only thing I am worried about is that I have been on the pill since I was 13 due to bad periods and I am 29 this year. I have never had a break. So firstly I worry about bad af's, and secondly I worry that the pill has been hiding other issues. My sister had a hysterectomy at 27 due to endometriosis and the doc said there is a risk I have it but the pill can hide it.

But got to just hope that the next few months go quickly and then hope everything is normal once I stop taking it.

Anyone else here been long term on the pill? 16 years for me.


  • Hi hun,

    I hadn't been on the pill for as long as you, but got diagnosed with PCOS whilst at uni and worried about conceiving too. I thought the pill might have hidden the same problems my sister had - she had been trying for a baby for 4 years. I knew it would be another few years before we could TTC though, but I decided to come off the pill there and then, to give a chance to my cycles to get back to normal and see whether they would return at all... Why don't you come off the pill now? It would give you peace of mind? We used condoms for the whole time until we decided to start TTC. We conceived straightaway (literally, it was a first strike lucky!!!) hoping everything works out for you. Xxx
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