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No period after pill - when to test?

Hi everyone, we are trying for a baby, but the doctor told me I could try as soon as I came off my pill.

So I finished my packet, had a period and started trying.

Only now I don't know when to test because they all say to try so long after your period, but I haven't had a natural period, just the one after my pill.

Can anyone help???


  • Wait to test or wait to try because we have already started trying image

    We aren't using OPK's yet as we just wanted to see what happens for a while.
  • Hi! I stopped my pill 7 days into it, i had a with drawal bleed on the 4th day of comin off the pill, my AF was due yestaday but no signs but i had breast pain n the odd twinges, so i reckon she'l arrive soon! Ive done tests last week (so did them early before AF was due) includin a CBT n negative n did a cheap one this morn as well n that had a very faint line but reckon its a evap line! when i was tryin to conceive my daughter i stopped the pill pretty much half way thru the pack n started tryin straight away too! we fell pregnant 2 n a half to 3 months later! how many weeks has it been since ur with drawal bleed? x xx
  • I came off BCP four weeks today and so far no AF, just withdrawal bleed. I think I'll wait until six weeks before testing - if AF doesn't arrive by then that is (and if I can resist testing before then!)
  • hi ladies i did more tests on saturday evenin n sunday n faint but noticeable lines came up especially on tesco ones! i bought superdrug ones sunday n i did one sunday afternoon, n a very noticable faint line came up with in minutes n th same with the other i did this morn!! image gud luck ladies! x x
  • hi g/c saw it in the sidebar....i came off pill and tested the day that i would normally have stopped taking pills for a withdrawl bleed and had a faint line, as being on the pill for a few years i had no clue about my cycles and i was excited and very shocked that it was the first month. use the first response the day ur period would normally come as they are early tests...dont think cbd will pick up that early......good luck!
  • same has happened to me today- very faint line and 1st month after taking the pill, keep me posted x
  • Nataliesbump! congrats!! Its amazin int it I dint expect to be pregnant so soon, i was worried it may take longer this time! have u dun more tests too? ive dun quite a few lol! n they're all positive! got my first midwife appt next week!! cant wait x x
  • I've tested a few times but BFN. Took my last pill on 16th June, say the first day of my last period was about 18th June, still no AF as yet?

    Didn't start trying til about first week of July though so now even more confused as to when to test!
  • hi ladies i stopped my pill on the 13th of june n had AF on the 17th of june, i was due on a week ago on friday n got my BFP that weekend image hope that helps i just worked out AF would arrive 4weeks after last AF started, n tested around that 4 week mark x x
  • yeh i was also meaned to say withdrawal bleed on th 17th of june lol x x
  • AF arrived yesterday. Happy about that though as it means I can work out when to test rather than wondering all the time!

    Roll on next month!

  • I stopped mini pill partway thru the pack, last one taken 7th July-I had no withdrawal bleed-did get a few days spotting a couple of days after I came of pill but it was really really AF yet-should I have gotten a withdrawal bleed? I didn't get AF on the pill in was on. I am so confused.
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