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Hello to anyone who s just got their BFPs could you tell me your very early symptoms for say a few days after conception. Im so frustrated at the mo, as this morn Ive woke up really irratated and bloated and not sure if a sign of ovulation or implantation. If it s ov its happened later than I thought and we haven't B'd since Monday so we'll have missed the chance! I really hope its not that. I think I should of ov'd last weekend, but Im only on 2nd round of clomid so not sure if it gives you the same cycle (it was 29 days last time) Sorry for this waffling message hope it makes sense. All this waiting is so frustrating!


  • Hi,

    I didn't have much eraly signs. I was quite grumpy but thought AF was on it's way and I had some cramps but I usually get them on and off in my cycle anyway. My boobs weren't and still aren't sore. I think I was maybe a bit bloated too. I was following my temps on Fertility friend and they stayed high and I thouight i'd had a dip in temp around implantation.

    good luck and hope you get your BFP
  • Hi hun, i just felt uncomfrotable, but i put that down to the long cr journey back from our holibob. i also had some odd cramps, but i'm the same as nessie and ignored them because i got cramps throughout my cycles anyway.

    Good luck, and i hope that you've done it.

  • Thanks ladies for your replies. Im just going to try and not to read into everything!

    Hope your pregnancies are going well xxxxxx
  • Hi Poppy,

    Just wondered how you were doing?

  • Hi Gem, Im fine thanks just sick of the waiting! how are you doing? Im trying not to analyse every feeling I have ha ha.
  • I'm so ditto!! Hopefully this week will go quick for us and it'll be testing day before we know it!!

    I've been feeling slightly more tired than normal (but I am on the 5am shift this week so that's no surprise really)

    Fingers crossed for us both

  • hi i am new to this sight and need a little help with IMPLANTATION BLEEDING please!

    i had my period on the 2nd of july for 5 days, i then had unprotected sex 3 days after which would make it the 9th of july.

    I started spotting on the 18th sorry to go in to so much detail however i put my fingers up and dark red blood came out a little slimy after that it was pink and only when i wiped.

    On the 19th bled a little more it was watery and changed colour from bright red then dark and still a little slimy at times and only enough for a panty liner,

    On the 20th it was the same as yesturday i changed panty liner twice not because it was full but i felt cleaner it stopped about 11pm was getting a little cramping a little like when your on a ride that woozy feeling,

    On the 21st bleeding started back around 10:30am same as yesturday on off and only when i wiped,

    On 22nd light bleed red to pink,

    23rd bled once and on 24th brown creamy strechy discarge only when i put my fingers up. now i my stomach is feeling tender sometimes to the touch and a little back ache. please can any one help not due for period till around 5th aug i have a 34-38 day cycle and not on any contraception.

    I really hope this is it fingers crossed am gonna test in about a week but can anyone help in the mean time.xx

    please can any one help!
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