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pregnacare conception tablets

Hi, I just wondered if anyone has had success taking pregnacare conception tablets?



  • I am using them too, so would be interested to know image
  • I was told by my specialist to take Pregnacare Plus as they have all the right levels of vits etc and Folic Acid plus Omegas which is what you need. I am buying some today as I'd forgot until I read this post! Amazon sell them for the best price. At least with them you know you're getting everything you need.
  • I'm using Pregnacare Plus too - I bought them last month when I thought I had my BFP (it wasn't to be) and decided to keep taking them anyway, as they have everything needed when you are TTC. This is month #2 for us and AF is due on Tuesday/Wednesday next week. Will let you know if we have any success.

    Good luck TTC. Babydust.
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