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Santa please stop here - BFP's wanted!

Hi Ladies this is a NEW thread following on from I'd exchange my holiday for a BFP. FC a new thread will start a wave of much deserved BFP's in the run up to Christmas!

Everyone is welcome just let me know dates etc and I will update the list below.

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Feebs76 - Due Date?

_mummy2grace_ - Due Date?

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Latest BFP Announcement = Woluk & Now_A_Mrs!!

AF Due / Testing Dates

Rosapenny - 10th Jan

Loopy013 - 24th Jan

Wantingnotwo - ???

EmilyEmuk1 - ???

FlowerFairy23 - ???

missymoosmum - ???

Broody_BettyBoopBoop - ???

Wonkey_Donkey - ???

BryonyMcM - ???

Sianuk11 - ???

baby_bear4 - ???

mrslollywantsbabyno2 - ???

andi30xx - ???

Good luck to everyone, Baby Dust to you all! x


  • Hiya

    BFP before xmas would be amaze!

    AF due 13th Sept but kind of ruling out this month as although we BDed the last four days I don't think I'm going to get a smiley OPK until tomorrow and hubby is away until Thursday.

    I'm cool with it though - never know, not thinking about it may work wonders!

  • thanks for the new thread loopy!! fingers crossed its a lucky one for us xx
  • im really hoping for this as well i have been ttc for 18 months but start on clomid next month with any luck so hoping this will be it! image
  • I'd love a BFP before Christmas so I don't have to have a HSG and I'm now in cycle number 11

    PS I'm testing on Saturday but feeling despondent. I'm having no PG symptoms but beginning to get AF ones image
  • Yay for the new thread loopy, my new testing date will be 24th Sept I think.. FC we all get a bfp in time for chrimbo. I'm going to scrap the temping and opks this month. Gonna go for CD3 blood test on Wednesday... Anyway I will catch up properly tomorrow morning. Right now I'm enjoying a bottle of cava with oh and eating pate on crackers and tomorrow morning i'll Indulge in a soft boiled egg for brekkie and some brie for lunch image (desperately searching for the silver lining to this hideous dark cloud...)

  • yay for a new thread and yes please I'd love a BFP for Christmas image

    Loopy, please can i change my testing date... I ov'd last Tues so I'm already 7dpo, i will prob test next Tues so that's 6th Sept for me please. hope PMA is up and running again!

    Sian, boo for AF, but yay for finding the silver lining, hope you enjoyed your runny eggs this morning.image

    Missymoosmum - hi hun, when you testing?

    *waves" hi to everyone else, hope you all had a nice bank holiday!
  • Morning ladies, lovely to see some new faces joining welcome to Wantingnotwo, Broody_BettyBoopBoop, sarahhodgkinson and PBubs image

    Hi missymoosmum ohh only 2 days to go! We have been told 7-10 days for my hubby's SA results so I'm really hoping that we hear something by the end of the week. Can't believe you had to wait 3 weeks! Apologies because I'm sure you said in a previous post, do you mind me asking why your hubby has to have his test repeated? I'm the same as you I'd love a summer baby especially as DH is a teacher so we could have the summer holidays off together.

    wonky__donkey I've changed your testing date hun - good luck! My PMA is quite good today, I spent yesterday speaking to my DH and I'm trying to focus on other things I'm hoping to do another uni course in sept and we're decorating our 2nd bedroom so I'm trying to not be consumed by TTC!

    Sianuk11 hope you have found your silver lining hun, I've added your new test date too. We're on the same CD this cycle, we'll have to keep each other going.

    Wantingnotwo what is your testing/AF date? I'll add you to the list.

    Broody_BettyBoopBoop I've added you to the list hun, I'm on cycle 13 so you're not alone. I haven't been offered a HCG by my doctor I've got to keep TTC and only go back once it has been 18 months with now luck.

    sarahhodgkinson wishing you luck hun, if you let me know your testing/af date I'll add you to the list. Have you had your 21 day bloods done were they ok? Mine came back ok so not sure if they would give me Clomid, hoe it works for you.

    PBubs I've added you to the list, FC this is your month.

    baby_bear4 yay to a new lucky thread, not long to wait for you now hun.

    Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend, I'm in the office on my own today so it is bliss! x
  • missymoosmum so are you 16dpo today? oooh so promising! keeping everything crossed for you!

    loopy gutted about af coming for both of us but at least we are cycle buddies this time round, yes we can defo keep each other going! I felt rubbish yesterday, think I cried about 4 times but feel better today (except for a bit of a fuzzy wine head, oops)

    wonky_donkey I hope the rest of the 2ww passes quickly for you hun!
  • I would love love love a BFP by Xmas! image

    First month ttc for us, on CD25 of a 30day cycle. 8-9DPO.

    Felt very crampy on the first few days PO, then nothing other than feeling bloated everytime i eat my dinner. But i figured it may have something to do with the conception supplements i take with my evening meal.

    So feeling very NOT pregnant.

    AF due on 5th, testing on friday (2nd) as out with a friend on saturday so to determine drinking or not drinking.

    Got the tests off internet so hopefully they would of arrived by then!

    Always imagined myself to be preggas by xmas, praying im right!

    Hi everbody else, BabyDust to you all! *waves*
  • I love this new thread, how magical would it be for Santa to deliver a BFP for Christmas!!

    Unfortunately I am due to ovulate tomorrow if charting is right but hubby is out of the country this month so I will have to wait till the next cycle which is only month 4 of ttc so am trying to remain positive! I think I shall join you Sian and go for that silver lining image

    Good luck to you all, I hope we get to celebrate some BFP's over the next couple of months!!
  • So i know this is randon, but heyho... i was thinking what cheers everybody... FOOD! Biscuits in fact, cos i'm sat here thinking of chocolate viennese fingers, lush hmmmmmmm. I remember in the YAYW forum someone used to open a virutal packet of hobnobs and weirdly it perked everyone up. So what would you bring for sharing at our virtual coffee break?

    Edited to say hello to all the new faces! Hope your stay is short and sweet xo

  • Hi wonky_donkey, i would definatly bring my lemon Drizzle Cake!

    Cake always makes things better, oh and Oreos, i seem to have a bit of a thing about them these days! :lol:

    I was a YAYW member for the lead up to my wedding, the baby section is not as active there as it is here though, so i switched! image

    High Five to the short stay!
  • Loopy and Sian ((((hugs)))) to you both for AF getting you image FC Sept will be your month xx

    Saturday morning I walked into the bathroom naked whilst DH was cleaning his teeth, he looks at me and say (his words) "bloody hell the circle bits around your nipples are huge, are you up the duff?" wonderfully eloquent I know :lol: My boobs are bigger and feel heavy although not as sensitive as they were last week so maybe.....

    Yesterday was 9dpo and after DH's comment I couldn't wait any longer so did a cheapy test, well I am sure I saw a very very barely there line but DH said he couldn't see anything so I might have imagined it, it is still too early really! Will do another test at the weekend if AF hasn't arrived first!

    Oh and I made double choc cookies yesterday so am sharing them aroung the thread image
  • oooh sounds hopeful palepinkroses. I really hope your right about the faint line!!!

    welcome to all the new faces, I think a new thread was a good idea to get some new people on board. well done loopy.

    lets hope this thread is lucky for us all. It would be great to be pregnant over christmas.

    I love a good biscuit so am a bit stuck to choose one but......I think it would have to be Marks and Spencer biscuit curls.
  • Glittery_em I've added you to the front page - good luck testing!

    Now_a_Mrs it's annoying when you miss ov isn't it! Hope you get your BFP next month. Would you like me to add a testing date for you? Just let me know.

    wonky__donkey I love the virtual coffee break I'd have to second you and share Fox's Viennese Chocolate Melts they are my favourite mmmmm

    PalePinkRoses ohhh it sounds really promising hun I'll keep my FC for you. When are you testing again? I had to laugh at what ur hubby said - typical man :lol:

    baby_bear4 let's keep our FC for a BFP before Xmas - it would be the best present ever!

    missymoosmum ohh so sorry the witch got you hun, hope ur feeling okay. Let me know your new testing date when you feel like it. FC the detox works, thanks for reminding me - I remember now! Is your hubby cutting out all alcohol? My hubby has cut it out for a week now and he's hoping to keep it up for another 7 weeks when we go on hols. Hope your appointment comes around quick for you and with better results. I don't know what to expect just have to wait and see I suppose....I would be interested to know the next step if there are issues. Joining a waiting list for the fertility centre or a re-test I suppose.

    Sending you all lots of babydust x
  • Thanks Loopy image

    Sorry to you missymoo, well deserving of some treats now!

    Good luck palepinkroses so exciting!
  • never mind missymoosmum, fc for better luck next month xx

    Loopy, I know typical man LOL! I am going to try and wait until saturday to test again that will be 14dpo if AF doesn't get me first!

    Thanks Glittery_em, I am sooo excited but also really worried I'm going to be disappointed!

    FC for everyone and bucket loads of baby dust xx
  • slight excitement this morning that I didn't get the expected smiley on my CB OPK so even if I get one tomorrow I still have Thursday to BD when hubby is back yeay! And if I don't get one tomorrow then we are totally fine when it does decide to appear!
  • Glittery-em and PalePinkRoses, sounds like we have a few Nigellas on board, whoopwhoop!

    PalePinkRoses - love your hubby's response, you have us all excited now!! Would love to see a BFP this week, fc for testing.

    baby_bear, I haven't tried M&S biscuit curls, will be having a try at those!

    Missymoosmum, what a horrid witch she's been this month! Hope she clears off soon.

    Loopy, fc for the sa results! I had forgotten about your hols in October, that's something to look forward to! Where are you going again, was is Gran Canaria? Oh v jealous!

    PBubs - yay for the egg waiting for hubs!
  • Ooooh add me please. AF due 21/22nd September. I shall be trying NOT to POAS from something ludicrous like 5dpo this month lol x
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