Hello ladies,

I haven't been on BE for months, and think that I will be moving across to LTTC & infertilty.

After seeing my GP a few weeks ago for recurrant thrush and having swabs, which also included routine STD checks (which, I stupidly never had done before) my results came back and I tested positive for chlamydia. :cry:

My DH and I have been together just over 4 years. If I have caught it from him, then I have had it for at least four years. If not at least five from my ex.

I have had no symptoms.

I was advised in the letter to seek treatment at my local GUM clinic, but as they had no appointments until after the bank holiday and I pressed the receptionist, a locum GP gave me a prescription for Doxycycline. He would not answer any questions about infertility.

I have a follow up appointment on Wednesday at the GUM clinic, DH does too, as he needs to be tested still. After many tears and research online I fear that I have a very high chance of being left infertile now because it has been left untreated for so long.

I came off the pill in Feb 2010 and we started TTC in July 2010. Since then apart from 5 months of deliberately avoiding OV time we have been having unprotected sex and not conceived.

I am sure I have developed Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. But again with little or no symptoms. Looking back over the time since I came off the pill I have had random mild cramps throughout the month. I thought it was just my body settling down after being on the pill for so long. Now I am not so sure that's all it was.

Will the doctor treat me automatically for PID when I discuss my symptoms on wednesday? And I really want to push for investigation to see how much damage there is but I am worried they will make me wait until a few year of actively TTC.

Has anybody else been in a similar situation?

I am really worried. My DH has been amazing. I am just feel like our chances of ever being parents has been ripped from underneath us. :cry:

Thank you for reading this and good luck to all of you xxx



  • Sorry I have no answers for you but I just didnt want to r&r.. I think you are just going to have to ask all these questions when you go for your appointment, tell them your fears about PID and that you're worried about your fertility. I know normally that you're meant to be trying for a while before they would investigate but given that you actually have cause to be concerned I hope they'll check you out. I really hope that you can be treated and that it won't affect your fertility. good luck tomorrow xx
  • Hi MrsLangley, sorry I can't offer any advice hun. If I was you I'd have a long chat when you have your appointment, sometimes the internet makes you think that things are worse than they actually are. Let us know how you get on hun I hope you have some positive news x
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