Hello Ladies

Hi my name is Alice, im 23 and have a son (2 in dec) and live in herts.

Just wanted to say hi and that me and my husband are thinking of trying from dec/jan time for our second bambino (his 3rd!) lol

I am currently on the patch and have been for about a year and a half.

DS wasnt planned so i find the idea of 'trying' a strange concept lol

Am a little concerned as i went to a pyschic a few weeks ago and she asked if i had children, i said i had my son, she asked if id miscarried one before as she sensed a 'spirit child' around me, i said i hadnt as far as i know and she was like 'oh maybe that's to come!!' i was like OMG i cant belive she said that!

A lot of what she said was crap so im trying not to think about it too much!

Ok so i said a bit more then 'hi' lol ill leave you all in peace now :lol:

alice x


  • hi, and welcome. i have 2 girls and would like another but we havent set a date/time or anything yet but i have come off the depo injection. my youngest is also 2 in december!

    there is a born in dec 2009 club on here which is a bit quiet but a born in jan 2010 (which is when i was due with Lizzie) on here and the girls have loads of advice if you ever want it with your LO!

    congrates on setting a date and hope you dont have long to wait and that women was wrong!
  • Hi Alice and welcome image Maybe a (good) surprise is around the corner!
  • Hi alice , good luck ttc image ahh dont listen to everything they say, this lady pyschic told me I was carrying a boy absolutly adamant, even when i replied ''well the scan revealed a girl?''she said ''there not 100%'' and belive me she was born a GIRL!! (i did worry though lol after all that pink!)hehehe!never been back :lol: x
  • Hi, sorry to but in to the thread,

    but im having some queries.

    Im 17 years old, currently at college.

    me and my boyfriend have been together 10months

    and i really want a baby.

    im just worried about birth and the cost of keeping a child.

    some people in college are pregnant and they dont seem to be worrying.

    im living with my boyfriend, and i am currently on income support. But i know there is other help i can get with having a baby.

    can anyone help so i have an idea about it all...

    :? :? :? :?
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