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Not quite sue what happened to my title!!! Anyway...

I tend to be a lurker now rather than a poster, but thought I would say "hey" as I don't know any of your over here anymore!

I'm 27, we began TTC in '08, fell PG 2nd cycle but it was ectopic so I lost my right tube. Full PG again 2 cycles later and had my DD Haiden in July 2009. This time I came off the pill end of March this year, and full PG 1st cycle but MC. I am still TTCing no.2 and it is taking longer than it ever has before, which has got me worried. Since MC my cycle hasn't been quite as regular as it used to be so I think I have just been missing OV. I bought a CBD OPK recently and got a smiley face on Saturday. We had BD that morning so that's good, but hadn't managed to get any other BDing in- not so good

I really need to try and get PG this cycle or next, unless I will be a PG bride next year! I wouldn't mind so much, but I already have my dress!! xx


  • I wouldn't be worried Hun.

    I think you were lucky to get PG quickly before but it can take up to a year for a normal couple to get PG.

    x x
  • Yeah, I know you are right really xx
  • oooohhhh congrats on your forthcoming wedding! how exciting! i'm not back just get but cant stop sneaking back to see the oldies!

    theres a few struggling with no2, wishing you lots of luck for a sticky bean x
  • Hey hun I remember your avata and I think from Baby (I was michmummy2b/2Grace- I'm just at the end of month 3 ttc number 2 (pretty sure AF is about to make an appearance) Like you we were very lucky to get BFP quickly with number 1 (2 cycles) and the fact its taking longer has made me panick and worry about all sorts (I'm a fanatic google and should be banned from googling health related stuff) Anyways............I'm off to see my GP today to have a general ttc chat and put my mind at rest!! Here's hoping to BFPs all round soon x
  • Thanks for your replies guys. Yep, excited about finally planning the wedding! We have been engaged for over 4 years now so it was a long time coming. We are doing it on the cheap though- can't really save with nursery fees!

    PP- are you planning another one? OH only wants 2. I always wanted 3 but since my MC in May I have been thinking twice. Not really sure how many more babies I can lose and still be okay

    Mummy2Grace- I remember you, when is AF due? I think mine is due this weekend based on when I got my surge (but I have never really known exactly when OV is before, always got PG assuming a 14 day LP). If it is this weekend that will be another short cycle. Good luck to you xxx
  • AF due tomorrow based on usual cycles or today if my LP is the same as it has been (11 days so on the short side but was before dd) and I have early spotting which is why I'm seeing gp (again had this pre dd but it stresses me ) . Good luck for the weekend and a lovely bfp x
  • I have had some pink when I wipe this morning. Boo x
  • Boooo - same here I'm afraid CD1 for me too! Lets hope its our lucky month!! x
  • I'm feeling sad, my cycles are so irregular since MC and if this is AF then this is a really short LP. I'm so worried something is wrong x
  • Yep it is AF. That means I have gone from a regular 36 day cycle with an assumed 14 day LP (and got PG 3 times like that very quickly)to having a MC and my cycles since then have been 28, 31, 34, 29. This LP had been about 10 days. I don't know what to do x
  • Hi Kimmy - as a long time lurker on this forum (I had my first in July 09 too) I remember you and wanted to post as I was in a similar situation. I fell pregnant in January this year, first month of trying. I found out I had mc in March. I had a period about 5 weeks later (and am sure I OV'd that month) but then had a number of very short periods - one cycle was 2.5 weeks, another was 3 weeks. I am pretty sure I did not OV on those months. I read up loads and found lots of examples of long cycles after MC but few examples of short cycles so was really worried. I concluded it was my age (I am 40!) and resigned myself to not being able to conceive. However, I must have ovulated in early July as a few weeks later I got a BFP and am now (fingers crossed - still waiting for NHS scan!) 13 weeks pg. Really hope it is just the case that your cycle is taking a while to settle, like mine did, but will soon get back to normal. Wishing you lots of luck. x
  • Ooh good luck with your pregnancy!! I really hope I get PG this cycle so I can wear my wedding dress! xx
  • hun I know how you feel- my LP is 11 days but with spotting starting at 7dpo it does freak me out a bit. GP said "3months ttc is nothing" and that as long as you're ovulating and having regular sex eat a balanced diet and take regular excercise it will all help (cos she presumes no issues cos of previous pg). You could try taking a B vitamin complex. I'm taking B100 complex (tried B6 on its own but apparently its not as effective) Also gonna try and chill loads and get lots of gentle excercise as its meant to help naturally increase progesterone (what is needed to lengthen LP) x
  • i might pop into planning next year maybe? i really dont want to think i will never be pregnant again but hubbys not so keen as it would have to be a section after 2 emergency ones and he doesnt like the idea of putting me through surgery, i have 2 under 2 at the mo and i think 3 under 3 would be too much maybe 3 under 5 would be nice x
  • PP- I know what you mean, I can't really believe I will only do the pregnancy and birth thing one more time so I'm trying not to think about OH only wanting 2 really. I think I'll cal lhis bluff, tell him I don't want to put any more hormones in my body and if he doesn't want a 3rd he has to arrange a vasectomy. He is chicken, he won't do it. Plus he can't organise a p***up in a brewery!

    M2G- I was considering going to the docs as my cycles are so irregular now after MC, but I know what they will say: come back when you have been trying a year. I'm going to go to Boots later and see if I can get some of that B100 Complex xx
  • strangely i found epo helped my cycles that might be worth a try, i had said that to hubby but hes a chicken too!
  • I bought B6 and AC, I'll see how they go and if no joy I'll try EPO I think xx
  • Aw when I first saw the title I thought this was going to be one of those silly threads where we just listed letters of the alphabet! image
  • Ha ha, no my thread was longer then disappeared!!! x
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