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Feeling scared about having general anaesthetic


  • So was I!!! And do u know what? I wished I hadn't wasted so much time and energy worrying. It was nothing. I tiny pin prick in ur hand and a few seconds later ur well away. Next minute ur woken up and it's all over xx
  • I keep telling myself that it's worth going through because without the op I won't be able to conceive. Thank you for you words of reassurance baby crazy. I feel much better after reading you response. X
  • Hiya I had a phobia of having a general, all sorts of things went through my head but when I had an emergency c-section I was relatively calm. It was a shame my husband missed out but my god, there was no hours of labour pain and I recovered within 6wks physically. I was scared that I would be able to feel something under a general or my worst fear was that I might not wake up, but now I am not scared anymore and want to reassure you that there is nothing to be scared of. xjx
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