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KWA Part 16 - The return of "I want a BFP before Xmas"

Well I am very pleased to kick off Part 16 of Knicker Watchers Anonymous following all the very exciting birth announcements on Part 15 - Congratulations again to Wifey on the birth of Noah, Littlest Monkey on the birth of the yet to be 100% named -squeak' aka Logan/Loki and to BusyLizzy on our most recent addition to KWA, Grace Elizabeth x

Congratulations also wings there way to Sue on her long awaited Aussie bean/Kiwi BFP image and good luck to wibblewobble on getting grips with her CBFM after hubs op - FC for a natural BFP x

Here's to the many more BFPs and BA's to come before Xmas x x x

Everyone is welcome to join - feel free to jump in and chat when you can (we're a friendly bunch!) but be warned - these threads can move very fast!

BFP Graduate List! (Due dates & flavour)

lucyah(baby girl), babybilly, babywhite, mrseh (baby girl-10/06/11), mrs me(Erica-23/06/11), piggypops (baby girl-16/7/11), kels124(19th July - Benjamin), Lollipophoney, Easytigeress, Ellies Mummy, MrsP(15th Aug - Matilda), Florence08(16th Aug - Charlie), broodybunny, Fran82 (30th Aug-Mia), cutiepies mum(5th Sept - Florence), JRSWard, Torch, Madam B, TulipRose, Littlestmonkey(29th Sept-Loki), MrsAdx2!(26th Aug - Niamh & Thomas), WifeyM (25th Sep-Noah), BusyLizzy81(12th Oct-Grace), squeezed (20th Nov-Ada), clalee(26th Nov-Cameron), Writer73, MissNelly(Gracie-18th Nov), Huglibear, Mildred81, Charlieswife(5th Jan), Lady_Is_Broody(18th Jan), CarleySJ(7th Feb), Milliepop(10th Feb), MrsM17(13th Feb), xxLoobyxx(26th Feb), MrsBroody_B(10th April), RacheyBaby(13th April), Bianx(25th April), PhatSue(?June)

Fingers crossed this thread brings many more BFPs, especially some of those elusive ones!

Testing dates -

MrsM87 - ?? Dec

Vickster - 24th Dec

xxchic - ?? Dec

Wibblewobble - ??

Let me know if there's anyone I've missed and keep me updated with testing dates etc...

Baby bump arrival guesses:

This spreadsheet is 'editable' for everyone to add their guesses for our latest bump arrivals:

Love, hugs and babydust! xxx


  • Ack I'm next! imageimageimage Would any ladies volunteer to be my KWA announcer and spreadsheet updater? It's going to be all about how much this fatty weighs with me I think!
  • squeezed - I would volunteer, but I may not be the best person given I'm due 4 days later.
  • Yeah we both could have our hands full if we volunteer for each other!
  • I wonder what the odds of us both giving birth on the same day are?
  • Thanks for the new thread Vickster!

    BL, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! So pleased for you hun. I hope that you feel better soon, and enjoy those new baby cuddles with Grace. Can't wait to see a few pics when you're feeling up to it.

    Right, now thats done, i'll get back to work.

  • Yay congratulations to BL!!!!

    Thanks for the new thread Vickster, can you put my testing date as October 24. Might test early as we are away that weekend!

    Squeezed and Clalee I can do your BA's, I also won't be offended if you would rather one of the other girls did it for you image I was tempted to guess the same day for you both :lol:

    Looby I can't wait to see lil P pics either!

    I have my first attempt at a marble cake baking away, smells yum! Right best catch up on the old thread image

  • Looby its good the itching isn't from a serious problem but still doesn't sound pleasant. Did you have a nice time out at lunch?

    LiB not surprised the place went under!

    carleysj good luck for your GTT.

    Clalee I hope you get the hot water situation sorted, defo worth having a wonder down if they drag their heels. Glad the class was ok and that you got a bit of a better sleep. My hubs gets the blame when I can't sleep as he is a bed hogger and he grinds his teeth.

  • MrsM, have duly updated you, FC for another Oct BFP image You all looked lovely on the photo's on FB, gorgeous bridesmaid dresses!

    Chic, how are you hun??

    Squeezed and Clalee, can't believe you girls are next, time is really flying by! I'll let someone else have the pleasure of your birth announcements.

    Looby, glad the itching was nothing untowards, but annoying all the same!

    LiB, well done on getting a loan bed out of dreams, love it!

    Sue, hope the BFP is sinking in hun and you get the whole docs thing sorted! How's the flat hunting going?

    MN, have you been to see the house yet?

    WW, you been studying your CBFM manual, when's the big switch on??

    Flo/Kels/LM/Wifey - how are your lovely boys doing?

    I am lurking ladies and trying to keep up but failing miserably! We had a lovely weekend away lots of very windswept walks on the beach, good food & plenty of vino all snuggled up in front of the log fire, bliss!! Even AF arriving didn't spoil it!

    Well until we got home and I did have another mini-meltdown, I'm still treading on eggshells where hubs is concerned as he's not been back to the GP's to try & get referred to the consultant WW hubs saw. Just feel in limbo at the minute and there's bugger all I can do about it, apart from be supportive to him, but my patience is wearing thin now and I know I'm going to snap at him at some point, I just know it! I know none of this is his fault & not blaming himm at all, but burying his head in the sand is not doing either of us any good and until he has more tests done we can't make a plan of action, its so bloody frustrating, grrrr MEN!!!

    Sorry for the rant, but needed to get it off my chest!
  • Vickster, rant away hunni. I'd be frustrated too. Men are delicate creatures sometimes, and they need a kick up the bum, but i'm sure i'd be walking on eggshells too for fear of upsetting him. I hope he decides to go back soon though, so you know what you're facing and what you'll be doing next.

    I'm glad you had a nice weekend away though, sounds lovely. We're off to York for the night next Thursday, and i can't wait. We had a couple of days holiday left so thought we'd better take them before everyone starts dropping christmas shopping days in.

    MrsM, had a sneaky peek at the photos, those dresses were really nice, loved the colour. Lunch was good thanks, lots of baby talk and gossiping.

  • Vickster you know you can rant to us any time hun. It must be so frustrating for you, I think he is lucky you haven't snapped at him already. I hope he manages to get his head round it soon so that you can find out what is going to be next. Huge hugs to you love xx

    Looby have a lovely time in York, I love days out there. I always spend too much money though!

    I wasn't so sure about the dresses before hand as they were pretty tight and not a style I would pick for myself but I ended up liking them in the end. The whole wedding was fab though, perfect for the couple image

  • good grief ive missed loads again! lol

    BL - massive congrats hunni image xxx

    Mrsm - yay for ur peak, fingers are crossed image

    squeezed and clalee cant believe u ladies are next!

    Massive hello to everyone, i will try and keep up more now we are on a new thread image

    Well im just washing all of bens 3-6month clothes. makes me a little sad that hes now not in his new born stuff.

    god im so broody for another its untrue! lol

  • Vickster the cbfm hasn't arrived yet, seller dragging their feet possibly as it sold so cheap image the switch on wont be for 2 weeks (after you get a peak do you put a peak stick in the next day if it asks or a high?)

    Mrsm enjoy your peakimage I'm still waiting on hubby to heal I swear it's gonna start biting my leg soon... it's been 2 weeks

    kels did you decide when to ttc no2?
  • Hey ladies

    Bl, massive congrats, hope you recover soon xxx

    My friend back home is in hops having her twins as I type!! So excited

    That's about it really, having a bad week, it's been a month since my nephew passed/funeral and I'm just really down about it all

    Having niece to stay sat night and taking her and her friend to see lion king on sat so looking forward to that

    Vick, I think I'm due af next thurs, 20th oct?? Kinda lost track of the days this month

    Hoping to venture out for my first run in 10 days, fc it goes well, feeling much better with just a wee cough and the odd sniffle but a million times better than last week!!

    Hello to everyone, sorry I'm so rubbish at keeping up, hopefully my mojo will be back soon xx
  • Wobble, once you get your peak put the same stick back in and then don't worry about putting any more in that cycle

    Fc it brings you good luck xx
  • Ww- think we are gonna see how we feel after Xmas on number 2 front image

    U will Love the cbfm, I can't wait to use mine when we do ttc again

  • Hi ladies,

    Can I join pleeeze! I am month 1 ttc my 2nd. Testing date will be 22nd Oct. I have one ds aged 2 years. This is my first month pill free Nd not expecting success as didn't ovulate, or at least I don't think I did, I ran out of tests!

    Congratulations to all the bfps from the last thread and all the births also. Fingers crossed for everyone . Baby dust to all x x
  • MrsM you're hired, thanks! Msg me your number and I'll do the same - my phone has been in for repairs since last week so if I go into labour imminently (highly unlikely!) no-one'll hear about it anyway!

    chic a month isn't very long at all so it's not surprising things are a bit difficult. The show with your niece sounds good though. Maybe your run will help you shake the illness off too, hope it goes ok.

    Long and selfish, just needed to get the below off my chest!

    My dad had the phone interview for a job in Bermuda today. Bit weird, it's a 3 year post that would probably be extended for another 3. Mum's just said she'd probably go with him - I wasn't expecting that and it's a bit strange. Until I was 19 my dad worked on ships and then 300 miles away so was only home on weekends. So I'm kind of used to him being away, although it would still be crap if he went, but if mum went too it would be really difficult. They'd sell the family home (theirs since I was 4), but I don't know what would happen with my sister (she has Down's Syndrome). She's in semi-independent housing in the local town, which is perfect for her as she knows the town so well and has a great life, but she does go home most weekends and as mum works in town they meet up for lunch. I think me and my brother would have to really step up and get a lot more involved in her housing and things to make the transition easier for her, which of course I have no problem with, but I worry she'd find it really difficult and we couldn't compensate enough as we won't be living in the same town. And then for that reason I'm not sure mum would go after all. AND of course he might not get the job. It's so selfish but I almost hope he doesn't. The money would be amazing and tax free, they could save it, retire early and get their smallholding.. Really, I know I just don't like the thought of both my parents being half way around the world when I've just had a baby. It just seems so sad!
  • Welcome Blue! It's good to have some new faces, hope your stay isn't too long before you get a bfp x
  • Hey all!

    Squeezed - totally understand your feelings, I'd be exactly the same. Guess u just have to wait and see why happens.

    Chic - hope your feeling better. A run might help clear your head a bit and channel your feelings into the run. Fc it's your month x

    Vickster - so gutted af arrived for you. I can understand hubby dragging his feet but I'd be so annoyed!!

    Hi everyone else!!

    Well I've got a docs app on Friday at 11am, costing $88!!! But that's just the way it is I guess.

    Don't really feel pg, except boobs are sore so hope nothing in wrong.

    Felt really weird yesterday, kind of lightheaded and had a weird pain in between my boobs which hub said sounded like heartburn!! Never had it before! Totally lost my appetite and not needing to pee lots has me a bit worried :roll:

    Hopefully doc will be nice and as I'm paying guess I could have a scan early to put my mind at rest.

    When did any of u have your early ones?? Sure CW had one??

    LM - pics of wee man are so cute!!

    MrsAd if your lurking we're still waiting for pictures!! (but I fully understand u have your hands full!)
  • Hi ladies,

    Exciting we're on a new thread- thanks vickster!

    Vickster- glad you had a lovely weekend but sorry you're finding things so hard ATM. I think my hubby would be dragging his heels if it were him too- I think they can be v sensitive about these things, not that that really helps!! Please can you update my due date to 13th April? It changed at my scan. image

    Kels- I can't believe how quicky time has hone since Ben was born- it must seem so much quicker to you watching him everyday too!

    Ww- hope your monitor arrives soon! I have to admit to being rather in love with mine!!

    Chic- hugs to you. It must be so hard. image hope you have a lovely time at lion king with your niece though.

    Bluestar- welcome! Good luck with ttc no 2!

    Squeezed- I think I'd be wishing the same thing. Are you sure he'd take it even if he got it? My mum got offered a job in Dubai but decided the timing wasn't right with my bro. She did end up going to America for a year a couple of years later, but at the time, even though it was a nice idea, it still wasn't the right decision.

    Sue- hope all goes well with doc. I've had heartburn a couple of times, starting from about 6 weeks I think. I also didn't really need the loo that much. We had early scan at 8 weeks and could see a bean with a flickering heart. Def made me feel better. image

    X x
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