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Last month for a little Christmas pudding!

Hi ladies,

Really hoping this will be a lucky a thread : ) I have put my dates into the ov calender and 27th-2nd Dec is good to go bd ing ; ) really hope this is the month, and I wont even mind missing my xmas tipple! I have bought the FR ov testing 2 day sticks but tbh I was getting a little obsessive about it and date plotting so I just think we are going to go for every other day during that week and see what happens and I do not have any more pg testing stick must have spent a fortune on them last month! I have made a promise to myself that I will only test if AF is late, my cycle are quite regular.

All the best ladies, it is so nice this forum exists, partly so we don't drive our men mad!

Sending lots of sparkly festive baby dust

Jo x


  • Hello Joey, I am not so regular af wise so as we started ttc in November we have been bd'ing alot and I have to say we are loving it feeling very loved up. We are away this weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary so abit lovey dovey anyway and booked into the hotel we had our reception in and having a 3 course meal. I have planned champagne in the room before dinner then early to bed! Fingers crossed for us that we are lucky this month, and everyone else too.x
  • Heehee Christmas pudding......I like it! I'm on CD23 so hoping for no witch next week! Sticky beans COME ON image xx
  • Hi ladies

    Apricot that sounds lovely : ) lots of quality time together and ; ) its great to stay in the place you stayed after your wedding, we would like to do that next year. Tbh I think just regular bd ing is best I would like it to be as natural as poss all being well of course. Have a great weekend and fc!

    Mrs, fc for no AF next month and a very sticky xmas pud!

    All the best everyone xx
  • hi ladies,

    hope you're all well, I hope this month is lucky for us and we get a BFP for xmas.

    apricot- sounds like you're having a lovely time, a weekend away sounds wonderful!!

    you're right joey, I love this site as talking to hubby would make him worry about all sorts!

    hope the witch doesn't get you mrss1981

    FC and good luck xxx
  • Hi.

    I cant believe this is my last cycle to get a bfp before xmas! thats really scary.

    I would love a newyear bfp, as think my next cycle af would be due then think which would be great.

    fc ladies... what great xmas pressies it would be for us all x
  • Lets hope that our little Christmas puddings arrive soon!

    I am on cd20 so only 8 days till I find out. I had very strange pains yesterday, kind of felt like AF pains but then I had occasional sharp pains down below (didn't last particularly long). Was really hoping it was implantation happening but think I may just be symptom spotting and setting myself up for another fall!

    Good luck ladies, lets hope we get a Christmas to remember this year image
  • Hi Now_a_Mrs any more news on the pains? I've been having something similar so hoping it's good news and not Flo cramps image Hope everyone else is ok xx
  • Apricot moon , your plans sound fab, got to admit ttc in.our house is a little less romantic, get it done and bum in the air after - when the smiley face arrives!

    Fingers crossed for all of u. Really this is the best month for bfp, u can have a little tipple on the approach them Xmas or new year bfp! Go babydust x
  • This thread name caught my eye, how lovely and positive.

    We have been TTC since Feb 10, and after a MC in Aug I am hopeful for a BFP at Christmas! I have just bought a OPK for the first time as my AF dates have been between 28 - 32 days since the Summer.

    Me and my lovly hubbie got engaged at Christmas 5 years ago, and have been happily married for 4 years now. I hope that the festive season is lucky for us all, let's hope for some magic and happy BD'ing!

    Love and best baby wishes to one and all xxxxxxxxx
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