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Vit b6 and epo advice please

Hi ladies the witch got me 5 days bloody early so back on cd1 for me.

I need some advice with vit b6 and epo, do you take these everyday or untill you ov? or am i getting these confused with other things lol?

Im off to buy a cbfm as i missed ov this month image

Hope you are all well xxxxx


  • Hiya

    B6 you can take the whole time, EPO you only take until OV. I used AC instead of EPO, which you take up to OV too x
  • What dosage of B6 do people recommend. Been reading online but there seems to be lots of warnings about not overdosing so now a bit confused?
  • Hey kimmy x You was here when I was trying for my little boy you left before me, how are you doing? x

    Thank you for the advice, I hope it helps this month I was gutted to realise id missed ov x
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