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just wanted to say hi to you all :)

Hi ladies,im kat i used to come on here all the time in 2008 not sure how long some of you ladies have been around but i told my story over in the breavement forum, i have a six year old little boy then had our sleeping angel in 2008 then i had our beautiful little gift lillia 2009, we have very recently decided to TTC baby number 4 im so so so excited about it all i cant wait, but there seem to be a few people that seem to be trying to put me off??? i think three is a nice number to have do you think its just silly to have another one or would you just go for it?

hope your all well xx kat xx


  • hiya - i think three is a nice number. I was one of three and always wanted three too. think i might be a bit old now to be thinking about three and am keeping my fingers crossed that we can make dd a little brother or sister x
  • I think three is a nice number, a few people are just saying about having that middle child one always gets left out etc i dont think its the case all time every family is different and does things in a different way x
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