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Implantation bleeding??

Hi Ladies!

Im new to the site, 25, not ttc but a pleasent surprise is always welcome.

Me and my bf use the pull out method (tmi)

The deed was done 14 days ago now, and i'm not due on until roughly 4/5 days time. The past 3 days I have been getting light brownish discharge, just small amounts but it has not developed into a period so far. Implantation bleeding mayb?

I have also been getting constant cramps the past few weeks, which is very unusual, and tiredness.

The thing is, I took a test a few days ago,(first response) and today, and both were negative.

Does anyone have any advice? Have I tested to soon?


  • could be. i had that this time around but i didn't test early so can't help you there. have you been testing in the morning? that's when the hcg hormones levels are at their highest. certainly sounds very much like implantation bleeding but then again your body could be playing tricks on you.
  • Hi babyVogue, I was naughty and I tested this evening! perhaps not the wisest idea image I think I'm going to wait until a few days when im almost due and test again.

    I have just felt very different for a few weeks and this early smudging is certainly not normal. When will you take your test?
  • Hi hun, i had implantation bleeding like that and really bad cramps. Also had tiredness nausea and bad mood swings (poor hubby, :lol: ) i tested on cd26. not sure how many dpo i was as opk never picked it up that month but cycles are usually between 25-30 days so you could have tested too early. My test was a very faint bfp. I would wait until you are due before you test. and we only dtd twice cos we were waiting for ov :lol::lol: xxx good luck and hope u get ur bfp xx
  • Thank you for your advice Mrs H image I am on day 25 at the moment, so AF due in roughly 3 days. Im going to test on day 27 and hopefully this will be just right.

    I think I did test to early, I read some ladies on here have been testing just after their implantation bleed and got a positive, but everyone is different.

    Day 4 now of the small brown/pinky stuff, and mild cramps. Its strange when your body isnt it's normal self!

    If after all this, if its a negative I will be so disappointed if my body has been playing mean tricks lol.
  • AF came today image Thanks for all your advice, and good luck with your preganancies xx
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